All the Colours of Spring 2018

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It’s called the Fashion Color Trend Report Spring 2018: and it’s the new colour range that will feature prominently in the lifestyle sphere this spring.

The colours were introduced during New York Fashion Week at Pantone which, since the 1950s, has been a leader in graphics and colour matching.

The colours are classified and poured into the four-colour printing system which uses the abbreviation CMYK for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The colours are coded and inserted into a “colour chart” from which they may be selected according to shade or their allocated code.
Pantone itself has highlighted the need to express oneself this coming spring with new and unconventional shades of colour. Executive director, Leatrice Eseman, says: “Consumers continue to embrace colour and designers are recognizing the need to present more of it in their collections. To reflect the growing appeal of colour to consumers, we have expanded the spring 2018 palette to illustrate the nuances through 12 outstanding shades and four spring classics.”

giallo meadowlark

lime punch

  • Yellow: the Meadowlark shade is joyful and luminous, while Lime Punch may be described as “sharp” or “pungent” – like the sour taste of a citrus fruit.

pink lavender

blooming dahlia

  • Pink: Pink Lavender is a romantic colour that offers tranquillity, while Blooming Dahlia conveys great positivity.

cherry tomato

chili oil

  • Red: Cherry Tomato is a red with hints of orange that transmits heat and energy; Chill Oil has a darker and deeper reddish-brown hue.

little boy blue


  • Blue and Azure: With its reassuring tone Little Boy Blue is for adults as well as for the young. Meanwhile Arcadia suggests a retro style that is very fresh and current at the same time.

ultra violet

spring crocus

  • Purple: Ultra Violet is a colour of intriguing and delightful shades, while Spring Crocus has the delicacy of magenta.


  • Brown: Emperador draws closely on the reassuring shades of chocolate.

almost mauve

  • Neutral: Almost Mauve conveys a sweet sense of nostalgia and melancholy for times past.

In addition to these 12 new shades, there are four other colours in more classical spring tones: Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist, Warm Sand and Coconut Milk.

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