Aquaman: spoilers and fun facts

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Released on January 1, 2019, and anticipated by a spectacular trailer, Aquaman is one of the upcoming films dedicated to fans of the DC film universe. Among the many rumors that are already spreading among the fans, many wonder if the famous American production company will be able to stand on its own two feet or sink into a sea of disappointment.

In the meantime, we have gathered below some fun facts that may clear things up for those most doubtful.

It is not the first time at the cinema for Aquaman

Aquaman marks the third appearance at the cinema for the character that gives the film its name. Previously we had seen him in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and in Justice League. It is precisely the story line of this last film in which the current film is set.


Aquaman will be faithful to the comic but different from the other films

The phrases most used by members of the production team to describe the film were “comic strip loyalty” and “less dark atmosphere” compared to other DC movies.


Jason Momoa and the water

Jason Momoa, the Hawaiian actor who plays Aquaman, has had a special relationship with water since he was a teenager. First, he became the youngest lifeguard in the history of the Gulf Coast in the USA, and then landed on the small screen in the role of beach patrol in seasons 10 and 11 of Baywatch. One thing is certain: Momoa will certainly be at home in the role of Aquaman.


Aquaman’s hair

The blond highlights in Momoa’s hair were added to be more similar to the original representation of Arthur Carry / Aquaman in the comics. On paper the protagonist is, in fact, completely blond.


Nicole Kidman has a weakness for Aquaman

Nicole Kidman, who plays the role of Queen Atlanna and mother of Aquaman in the film, had previously refused to collaborate with the DC film universe by rejecting the role of Wonder Woman. It was her strong appreciation for the work of James Wan, director of Aquaman, that ultimately decided her participation in the film.


Aquaman’s strength comes from the sea

Director James Wan believes that the success of Aquaman will be due to his legacy linked to the legend of Atlantis. Used all to superhero movies in which the threat comes from distant universes or unknown dimensions, the fact that this time the evil comes from a place so close to us as the sea, makes the story of Aquaman fascinating and exciting.


Discover the DC universe also in a technological version

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