Artificial intelligence: where is the technology of the future taking us?

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With Artificial Intelligence, we mean a branch of information technology which allows us to design software and hardware systems with features which are considered to be human, such as visual, space-time and decision-making perceptions.

Like all great inventions, even in the case of Artificial Intelligence, it would be wrong to consider it “good” or “bad”; it’s better to assess the use that is made of it and the results it produces.

Elon Musk and Oren Etzioni’s warnings

If there is one thing we must bear in mind, it’s that in the next few years, AI will bring changes to different aspects of society. The main thing, as mentioned above, is the way in which all these aspects will be managed.

Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX is of the same opinion; his theory, which is not that out-of-this-world, is that when machines’ processing ability exceeds that of the human brain, machines will be able to substitute men as a dominant form of life on the Earth.

Oren Etzioni, CEO of the’ Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence shares this view. To ward off the worst-case scenario, he refers to the three laws of robotics elaborated by Isaac Asimov in 1946, and considers them a valid basis for relating appropriately to modern-day AI. Here it is:

  • First law: “A robot cannot cause damage to a human being nor can it allow for a human being to be damaged due to its failure to intervene”.
  • Second law: “A robot must respond to the orders set by humans, provided said orders do not violate the first law”
  • Third law: “A robot must protect its own existence, provided this does not clash with the first and second law”


I grandi colossi informatici prendono posizione in merito all’AI

IT giants express their views on AI

Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft have announced several partnerships connected to Artificial Intelligence, but the real surprise is that, within the framework of these initiatives, what will prevail will not be the “technological” aspect, but the “ethical” one. This is food for thought: once we devise a way of creating software or machinery which can mimic senses, there is no need to focus on further technical developments; the focus must shift towards creating a shared ethical order which can be put in place quickly.


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