Avengers Infinity War: all the spoilers on the movie of the year

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As the trailer declares, “Avengers: Infinity War” is released on the 25th April and anticipation is already sky high.

The most anticipated chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe brand represents the end of a narrative arc that has spanned ten years and that will bring forth new stories and characters.

For now, we must make do with some interesting spoilers for what we’ll be seeing on the big screens in April.

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More than just epic

Chris Hemsworth, the actor who plays the powerhouse Thor, issued a statement in which he sings the praises of this completed cinematographic work by calling it “unprecedented” due to the large number of characters used (76) and, due to the complex narrative plot which has been handled masterfully by directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

The film brings the most deadly and unique clash of all time to the screen: the Avengers and their allies will have to sacrifice everything to defeat Thanos, before the universe disappears under his will.

What happened to Xandar?

In the trailer, you can see a figure walking among the bodies in a place that, from the colour of the clothing and armour in the background, you may recognise as Xandar, the planet where the Nova Corps guard the Power Stone. We’ll see if our guesses were correct.

Which side will Loki be on?

We last saw Loki, Thor’s brother, after he stole the Tesseract from the Treasure Room of Asgard. The Power Stone will definitely attract Thanos who will want it for himself and, you have to wonder if Loki will go back to the side of darkness again, or will he stay with the good guys.

Spider-Man Evolution

Tony Stark has constructed fantastic armour for Peter Parker and we finally get to enjoy the result: the only thing to consider is whether it was a real upgrade for Spider-Man or whether it is his “battle armour”

Bucky’s fine

We left James “Bucky” Barnes (also called “Winter Soldier”) in Wakanda waiting for T’Challa’s scientists to find a cure for his mental programming. From watching the trailer and his key scenes, it is likely that “Bucky” is healed.

Fighting in Wakanda

Many of the war scenes are set in the Black Panther’s land of Wakanda. Cap and Bucky are still there as guests of T’Challa whilst serving on the front line against attacks on the African state.

You have to wonder what Thanos and his Black Order are seeking in Wakanda: perhaps the Soul Gem?

Thor in space

The God of Thunder is seen meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy: he will be the connection between the heroes of the earth and space, who unite to fight together against Thanos.

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