Avengers 4: everything we know from the trailer

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At the end of 2018 a much-anticipated trailer was finally released for the sequel to Infinity War, of which we knew nothing – even the title – until very recently. Now we can reveal a few things.

Finally an official title: Endgame

The first thing that audiences have been able to learn by watching the trailer is the title: Endgame.

Prior to this, there had not been any official confirmation that this was the title of the new Marvel film: many people had suggested that the title could be Avengers: Eternity War and Avengers: Annihilation.

Endgame is the perfect title for the atmosphere of this film: just think back to when Doctor Strange, after his defeat by Thanos on Titan, says to Tony Stark, “We are in the endgame now”.


Tony Stark adrift in space

At the start of the trailer we see Tony Stark recording a video message for his beloved Pepper. Iron Man finds himself adrift in space, probably following Thanos’ click of the fingers, in what looks like the spaceship of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Thanos still possesses the infinity glove

At a certain point, we see the arch enemy of the Avengers, who has withdrawn to a rural life after eliminating half of the earth’s living creatures. It’s impossible to miss that Thanos still possesses the infinity glove, even though it still looks somewhat ruined – as it did at the end of Avengers: infinity War.


Ant-Man is presumed dead

In one frame we see Bruce Banner carefully examining a list of missing people. These include Spider-Man, Shuri and, in the foreground, Scott Lang (alias Ant-Man). Right at the end of the trailer, however, Scott Lang knocks at the door of Captain America and the Black Widow, and both are shocked to see him.


A possible return for Peggy Carter

In the trailer, we see Steve Rogers looking at a photo of Peggy Carter, his great love.

This is just a guess, but given the likelihood that we are going to see time-travel (or travel through parallel dimensions) in Endgame, we can’t exclude the possibility that the old flame of Captain America may also reappear, even if only briefly.


Only the survivors of Thanos

We may have expected it, but in the trailer we do not see any characters who were among those who fell at the hand of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Although many people continue to believe that we will see the return of Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Star-Lord and all the other victims of Thanos, for now Marvel has avoided giving too much away.


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