Batman VS Darth Vader: this unlikely comparison comes from YouTube, and moves into hi-tech!

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If we were to draw up a list of the most improbable cinema comparisons, the clash between Batman and Darth Vader would surely be among the first places, if not straight into first place.

The American actor and director Aaron Schoenke, a great, keen and knowledgeable fan of Batman, made us think that it was real (or almost real) what was really just an unlikely fantasy. He did it through a short film, released on YouTube in 2014, which was a global success, totaling more than 7 million views. This special video content is part of a series called “Super Power Beat Down” which boasts other unmissable episodes such as Darth Vader VS Gandalf and Wolverine VS Predator.

The synopsis of this particular episode is simple, but extremely effective: Batman travels to the Death Star to save Superman, who has been captured by Darth Vader with the help of Boba Fett. The two fight on the Death Star, but how will it end?

The final is offered to us in two alternative versions, in order to not disappoint anyone, neither fans of the masked hero, nor the supporters of the dark side of Star Wars.

Below we offer the links to watch the two alternatives, differentiated according to the ending.
Batman VS Darth Vader: click here for the original ending

Batman VS Darth Vader: click here for the alternative ending

With Tribe the challenge continues, even in technology!

Tribe launches the unlikely confrontation between Batman and Darth Vader with two portable Bluetooth speakers, that replicate the two characters in three-dimensional form with the usual attention to detail that made our USB sticks so famous. Also, in this case, shapes and colors faithfully reproduce the distinctive characteristics of both characters.

These speakers are small, light and easily transportable, and the packet includes an attachment with which you can attach them comfortably to your rucksack or bike.

They use Bluetooth 4.2 technology – considered the ideal standard for IoT accessories nowadays – with a range of a 10 metre radius, and the battery lasts for about 4 hours of listening time.

But the super powers of these two fantastic objects are not limited to playing music on your phone: they also allow you to answer remote calls thanks to an integrated microphone.

Find out more about these two unique accessories that add personality and fun to a technological object, now in everyday use.





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