Captain Marvel: a few fun facts about the latest big-screen superheroine

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Captain Marvel, the first female-led superhero film from Marvel, will hit cinemas on 8 March. Announced in the post-credits scene for Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel is the Avengers’ last hope to take down Thanos. To get ready for the release, we have scoured our comic book collection to find a few fun facts about the character, played by Brie Larson. Will the film stay true to the source material? We’ll have to wait and see!

Captain Marvel is a Star Wars fan

Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel (or Ms. Marvel in the first comics), is completely obsessed with Star Wars. She’s just like you and me! Only a superhero. In the comics, Carol makes frequent references to her favourite film saga.


Captain America is Captain Marvel’s biggest cheerleader

Despite fighting on opposite sides in the Civil War, Captain America and Captain Marvel are actually friends in the DeConnick comics published in 2012, and it is Cap who encourages Carol to embrace her role as a superheroine during the fight against the Absorbing Man.


She sided with Iron Man in the Civil War

Civil War, the event that divided the Marvel superheroes, forced Carol to choose between friendship and duty: the latter prevailed, and the superheroine decided to back the government and Tony Stark.


Captain Marvel has lost her powers

When Mystique, Rogue’s mother, killed her boyfriend, Carol took on Rogue, who managed to absorb her powers. The X-Men helped her through this difficult recovery period, and while she had no powers Carol was able to hone her abilities as a pilot and deepen her military knowledge to continue helping others even without her superpowers.


Carol Danvers has travelled in time

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s comics saw Carol make several jumps through time. This time travel was used to explain the origins of her relationship with Helen Cobb, the mentor who gave her an aeroplane.


Ms. Marvel’s split personality

When Ms. Marvel made her debut in 1977 in a story created by Gerry Conway and John Buscema, she was a separate character from Carol Danvers, or rather Carol did not realise she was Ms. Marvel.

When Ms. Marvel’s powers were needed, the superheroine took over Carol’s body and mind. This rift lasted until Carol decided to investigate the gaps in her memory.


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