“Cool” holidays: let’s go to Finland!

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If you haven’t yet decided on your holiday destination and you’re part of that category of holidaymakers who like to pick a “cool” destination that’s also unusual, start looking north: Finland could be just the place for you. Based on the words of Eevakaisa Mölsä, media coordinator for the Finnish tourist board, the land of a thousand lakes could truly be a surprising destination, also owing to the great influx of Italian visitors: Finland is one of the top destinations picked by travellers in search of unique and authentic experiences, a place to spend their holidays in contact with nature, and the number of Italian tourists has risen constantly over the last few years (+12 % rise in trips to Finland since 2009). Finland is a “cool” place to visit!”

Finland: the northern gem

One of the most famous and popular Scandinavian countries, Finland constitutes an unexplored gem distinguished by welcoming people, a major culture revolving around relaxation thanks to the saunas located in the vicinity of its many lakes, outdoor activities all year round, interesting itineraries tied to design, and mouth-watering fine food trails.


Some suggested itineraries

Since it is not yet part of those assiduously frequented European holiday destinations, a holiday in Finland constitutes a kind of adventure, to be enjoyed to the full and with the desire to come into contact with new and unprecedented experiences. Try to imagine, for instance, what it would be like to tour the islands in the northern archipelago during the summer months: during this period, the sun shines 19 hours a day, affording some truly breathtaking views. Or, if you prefer to travel during the winter months, try to imagine what it would be like to hunt for the Northern Lights in Lapland and end the day with a quick dip in ice-cold pools followed immediately by a regenerating sauna to warm up again. Irrespective of the season they choose to travel, design enthusiasts can follow an itinerary distinguished by the works of Alvar Aalto, the famous architect who often travelled to Italy in search of inspiration.


Finland is the happiest country in the world… and it’s also smart!

According to research conducted by the United Nations, Finland is the happiest country in the world. The reasons for this “happy state of affairs” can definitely be found in the “active attitude” taken by the Finns to enjoy what their country has to offer: they love being in contact with nature, having saunas and picking mushrooms and berries in the forest. In short, they apply the concept of “every man’s right” to the letter, in other words the right of every Finn to enjoy nature. Let’s also not forget that Finland was nominated European capital of smart tourism for 2019.

North or south, in summer or in winter, Finland is always a good place!

The south of Finland, where Helsinki is situated, draws the most tourists thanks also to the good flight connections, and it is the heart of design and architecture, as well as fine food and relaxation. A perfect weekend getaway! An excellent place to visit in summer owing to the possibility of reaching the lush woods in 15 minutes and make the most of almost 20 hours of sunlight a day, or in winter with the possibility of visiting the nearby villages, purchasing local handicraft and trying the “glögi”, the legendary traditional Christmas drink.

The lands of the north, on the other hand, where Lapland can be found, are recommended during the winter to relive your childhood dreams and travel there with children, since it offers the chance to meet Rovaniemi (the one and only Father Christmas) and attend a lesson at his school of elves.

You can spend the night in one of the many characteristic glass igloos.


Whether it’s for a weekend away or a proper holiday, don’t forget indispensable technology

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