Curiosities and secrets in the films of Disney

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For almost 100 years, Disney has gathered together spectators of all ages – who have allowed themselves to become immersed in the world of fantasy – in front of the big screen and the small screen. There are also many passionate supporters who go beyond viewing the films, delighting in discovering their secrets and any hidden references.

Once revealed, these details can thrill everyone.

This is why we have chosen to tell you about a few of them, which you will certainly never have noticed.

There are a few guests in The Rescuers

At a certain point, on the shore of a lake, you can clearly see Bambi and his mother grazing serenely.


On the Cathedral of Notre Dame, among the Gargoyles…

Almost nobody will have noticed, but if you sharpen your view you can clearly spot Pumba, the friendly warthog from the “Lion King”, among the Gargoyles of the cathedral in the film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.


Lady and the Tramp have followed the trail…

It is admittedly difficult to distinguish between the many dogs running around within “101 Dalmatians”, but on the streets of London, at a certain point, you can spot Lady and the Tramp too.


King Triton has some truly special supporters

During the entrance of King Triton in “The Little Mermaid”, among the crowd, a careful eye can pick out none other than the undisputed stars of the Disney world: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto.


Beauty and the Beast…in keeping with the times!

A few people might know that “Beauty and the Beast” was the first film to use Pixar CAPS technology, a digital animation production system. The dance scene, one of the most famous and beloved in the film, is the fruit of this particular technology, which is very frequently used today.


Other secrets regarding Beauty and the Beast and the famous dance

The celebrated final dance between Belle and the prince in “Beauty and the Beast” is a real reinterpretation of the splendid dance between prince Phillip and Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty”.


The roar of Simba and its secret

The roar of Simba in “The Lion King” belongs to another animal: the tiger!

In effect, the original roar of a lion, according to digital calculations, was deemed not powerful enough for the acoustics and for the scene.


Disney princesses always hide something

It would take another article to cover all the secrets and curiosities of the many princesses who are the protagonists of Disney films. For ease (and as a preview), we have chosen to divulge 3 of them:

  1. Pocahontas is the only Disney princess whose story is based on true events
  2. Rapunzel is the only Disney princess with green eyes
  3. Jasmin and Mulan are the only two princesses who wear trousers


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