Gadgets, accessories and new tech: the best of summer 2017

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Like every season, summer also brings with it a load of technological innovations. Whether accessories or electronic devices, we have found various products on sale that can all make the holidays easier, ensuring they are memorable and functional.

We have found many examples of gadgets that can satisfy every person’s tastes and demands, from people who are more minimalist and sporty, to those who definitely fall into the classic nerd category.

To outline the course of technological evolution over the last few months, here is a list of the technological gadgets that have characterised summer 2017.

#1 Nintendo Switch

Lovers of videogames could not miss out on the Nintendo Switch, the first versatile console created by the famous Japanese manufacturer. Its distinguishing feature is the Joy-Con, a controller that allows you to use this electronic device either in portable mode or, thanks to its Bluetooth technology, as a desktop.

To date, almost 5 million of them have been sold, even though it has only been on the market for a few months. It is an excellent travel companion, especially during long journeys to holiday destinations.

Nintendo switch

#2 Filo

Scatterbrains take note! If you lived in terror of losing something while on holiday, then next year you must not miss this gadget. We are talking about Filo, the Bluetooth tracker that helps you to find lost items. Linked to your smartphone, thanks to a special app, it allows you to locate whatever you have misplaced.

By putting it in in your suitcase, wallet or simply with your keys, remembering where you left your things will no longer be a problem. Thanks to Filo you will even be able to locate your smartphone! It’s as simple as pressing the button to make your phone ring and you will quickly and easily be reunited with it.


#3 Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

With the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, summer 2017 has also signalled the return of the Polaroid. This instant camera is available in a vast array of colours and allows you to produce photos measuring 62×46 mm.

Particularly popular with the most famous bloggers and influencers who often show off their pictures on social media, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 allows you to rediscover printed photographs, even in the digital age.

fujifilm instax mini 8

#4 Fitbit Alta HR

Sporty types who couldn’t allow themselves to skip their training regime, even during the recent scorching weather, also did not neglect to put on a smart watch. Fitbit, a company specialising in making fitness products, have launched their new Fitbit Alta HR onto the market.

It is a very slim fitness bracelet that will monitor not only your heartbeat, but every other activity such as workouts and sleep. It is available in various colours, suitable for anyone who wants to keep their physical and health goals under control.



#5 New Tribe Minions Collection

As you already know (we talked about it previously here), the summer for Tribe is coloured yellow, thanks to the arrival of their new collection of personal tech dedicated to the third episode of the Despicable Me series. Among the list of new products is a USB stick that can also be used as a practical keyring.
They have also increased the range of three-dimensional USB sticks, with the introduction of Phil, the jailed Minion.

At last cinema’s most famous helpers are back!




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