Game of Thrones 8: who will die this time?

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The wait for the eighth season of what is currently one of the most followed series at the moment is becoming more and more spasmodic among the fans and, despite there still being several months to wait for the closing episodes of the HBO TV series, there are numerous rumors and hypotheses which have begun to leak out among the public: from the cast’s comments, the reading of the scripts, to the strangest and most absurd theories related to the story’s development.

Among all these rumors, it seems pretty certain that there will be a new massacre of characters. Below we have comprised a list of those that, according to the website, will not survive the end of the series.

The inconsiderate Euron Greyjoy

Among those who are likely to meet their end is Euron Greyjoy, simply reputed to be too thoughtless and ambitious to deserve to live.


Jaimie and Cersei Lannister, siblings beyond life

A different character but the same fate for Jamie and Cersei Lannister: the first, in a race to become the positive hero that everyone expects and be detached from the perverse relationship with his sister, seems destined to die and find a sort of peace and justice in death. The second, however, could meet death as a necessary condition, to free up the Throne, which otherwise she does not seem to intend to abandon.


Lord Varys will take his secrets with him

The probable change of regime could mean a change among the rulers of the sovereign.

Among those who will abandon their privileged position, Lord Varys will surely be one, who after having hidden secrets and betrayals, could finally meet a well deserved death.


Arya Stark could make a fatal mistake

Among the heirs of the Stark family, the most probable death seems to be that of Arya. The girl, in fact, now a ruthless murderess, could end up leaving us due to a fatal mistake, or at the hands of one of her many enemies.


Bran Stark could die “due to boredom”

According to the Bustle website, another possible death could be that of Bran Stark. The motivation that is given to this possible choice by the writers is that a character without conflicts, who already has all the answers, could be boring in the long run.


Theon Greyjoy doesn’t seem to interest anyone anymore

Whether Theon Greyjoy manages to redeem himself or not, seems to be a topic that no longer interests anyone and therefore death seems to be the only solution to solve this character’s increasingly miserable life.


Either Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen will have to abandon us

Many fans may not take it well, but it seems very likely that either Jon Snow or the Mother of Dragons could die. It seems very unlikely that both will be killed off, just as it seems highly unlikely that both will survive: it would be too good a happy ending for a series like Game of Thrones.


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