Hello Kitty’s true identity

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The Japanese company Sanrio, the creator of Hello Kitty – which emerged from the pen of designer Yuku Shimizu, has finally revealed the identity of its most popular creation. Hello Kitty, which has been an unstoppable commercial trend since 1974, doesn’t seem to be quite what people think.

Hello Kitty isn’t a kitten

If you, too, grew up believing that Hello Kitty was a cute kitten, you will be surprised to learn that Sanrio has announced that this isn’t the case. For the Japanese company, much more lies behind the identity of this character, but let’s continue in order.


Some people think Hello Kitty is a human

Anthropologist Christine R. Yano, curator of the successful exhibition “Hello! Exploring the supercute world of Hello Kitty”, claims that the character is a young English girl called Kitty White. Sanrio itself corrected the text displayed in the exhibition that described Hello Kitty as a cat, explaining that the character could instead be a girl, a friend, but certainly not a cat. Indeed, the character is never shown on four feet, but walks upright – just like a person.


In reality, Hello Kitty is neither a cat nor a girl

When the riddle behind identity of Hello Kitty finally seemed solved, RocketNews24 cast new doubts. After contacting the Sanrio public relations office requesting confirmation on the “human” identity of Hello Kitty, they received a brusque response: “we never said that Hello Kitty was human”. The mystery was finally solved: Hello Kitty can be defined as an anthropomorphised character like Mickey Mouse. Nobody would describe Mickey Mouse as a human being, but it would also be incorrect to call him a mouse: the same is true of Sanrio’s creation. To help you understand the style of the Sanrio public relations office, where reading between the lines reigns supreme, here is another typical statement: “We never said Hello Kitty has no mouth. It just hasn’t been drawn”. At least everything is clearer now.


Whether cat or human, discover Hello Kitty in a technological version too

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