Who are the hottest superheroes?

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Based on a sample of 1000 women and 1000 men, a website specializing in the study of cheating has carried out a survey asking which superhero is seen as the sexiest who would convince you to cheat on your partner! The results are intriguing:

The appeal of a masked hero

For both men and women, masked identities are seen as attractive. This explains the success of Batman, Spiderman and Cat Woman. According to the survey: “The identity hidden behind the mask is undoubtedly a factor in attraction. Any betrayal therefore combines the two factors of attraction and mystery that make it so intriguing.”

Women want: attraction, muscles and personality

43% of women admitted to finding Spiderman irresistible. Spidey possesses a balance of bravery, flippancy and mystery that makes women want to “take off his mask”. The scene where he kisses Mary Jane upside down is one of the most popular in modern cinema.

Slightly further down in our ranking is Batman with 32% of votes. The sculpted physique, the air of mystery and the charisma of Bruce Wayne have come together to win over women’s hearts.

Much lower down on the list, with 17% of votes, we find Superman: what makes women swoon are his muscles combined with the shyness of his alter-ego Clark Kent.

In fourth place, with 8%, is Captain America: women love his strong character, courage and honesty.


Men base their tastes on costumes and actresses

While women’s preferences depend on a mixture of physical features and personality, men’s preferences are much simpler.

Cat Woman tops the list, with 54% of votes. This is due in no small part to her close-fitting latex costume, which was memorably filled by the very seductive Halle Berry.

Almost tied are Black Widow (23% of preferences) and Invisible Girl (20% of votes), both chosen based on the beauty of the actresses who made the characters famous on the big screen: Scarlet Johansson in The Avengers and Jessica Alba in The Fantastic 4.

Sexy feminist icon Wonder Woman came fourth with just 4% of the vote: she won fans with her attractive Amazonian warrior outfit.


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