How to create a superhero

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come creare un supereroe

If, during the history of comics and cinema, millions of fans have followed the stories of the most varied superheroes, it is also true that, among these, some will surely have imagined new characters to bring to life. If you are part of this highly imaginative section of the public, you will certainly find the tips below useful, which try and summarise the steps to creating the perfect superhero.


  1. Outline the main traits of your superhero

  • Choose his/her powers: given that superheroes are identified by their powers, it makes sense to think of this first and then create the rest. You may think of a mixture of powers (for example, the ability to fly and superhuman strength) or concentrate on just one. Remember, too, that not all superheroes have supernatural powers: some rely on gadgets that they learn to use through strict training (like Batman, for example).

poteri supereroe (spider-man)

  • Choose a weak point: consider that an invincible character soon becomes boring. This is why your superhero will definitely need his/her kryptonite.
  • Develop his/her character carefully: one characteristic that is shared by many superheroes is a double face: one for everyday life and one for his/her superhero “exploits”. We therefore recommend that you begin by establishing these two different aspects of your character in detail.
  • Don’t copy other superheroes: even if you can’t find a completely original idea, make sure that you add details that make your character unique. In any case, try not to repeat stereotypes in full: instead, begin with the favourite characteristics of your audience, and tweak them in an original way (for example: imagine that your superhero’s powers disadvantage him/her, rather than empowering them).

superman kryptonite

  1. Create your superhero’s story

  • Invent his/her personal biography: it is important to define the “background” of your character well, exploring all the important events in his/her life before becoming a superhero.
  • Imagine how his/her powers evolved: once you have defined the “background” of your superhero, pay attention to how their powers appeared. Consider, for example, whether your hero was born with these powers, or whether they were acquired over time.
  • Create an antagonist, or an enemy for your hero: every respected superhero has an enemy! Develop antagonists in the same way that you developed your protagonist.
  • Define your superhero’s relationship with his/her community: whether loved or hated, superheroes will always have a relationship with the community to which they belong, whether this is a large city or small village.

storia di un supereroe

  1. Develop the image of your superhero

  • Select your superhero’s gender: depending on whether your superhero is male or female, the appearance of your character will change completely.
  • Design a costume: when designing a costume for your superhero, ensure that the colours, style and accessories reflect his/her personality.
  • Give them a characteristic symbol: even before their physical characteristics, an audience will always remember a superhero for his/her symbol! For this reason, you should choose one very carefully.
  • Choose a name: a name that is easy to remember, and which is in some way appealing to an audience, will be your superhero’s calling card!

simbolo di batman

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