IMAX Technology: Cinema’s New Frontier!

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Some film enthusiasts already know this and others soon will:  IMAX technology represents the most immersive cinematic experience ever created.
IMAX advanced technologies and software provide a unique, multi-sensorial and carefully crafted viewing experience that leads the spectator into the heart of the action.


A Supersized Screen

• The first feature to distinguish an IMAX cinema from other movie theatres is its huge floor-to-ceiling/wall-to-wall screen.

The shape of the screen is also different than those found in other cinemas: it is curved.This enables the viewer to see the entirety of the projected image, no matter where he is seated.

• The screen is made of materials that are so luminous the spectator feels he could “touch” the scene he is watching.

• The cinema’s seating arrangement is designed to ensure that the viewer is always at the center of the action.

Astonishing Sound

• An integral part of the IMAX experience is undoubtedly the sound: the film is not only “seen” but almost “felt” with the whole body.
• The frequency response is broader than normal, which means the high frequencies are truly high and the bass frequencies are truly low: the sound experience is totally immersive.
• The speaker system is customized for each film and provides an inimitable experience every time you go to the cinema.


IMAX and the Director’s Camera

There are IMAX cameras that are specifically designed to shoot movies whose technical quality reflects the advanced technological level of the cinema that will show them.

The 70mm film actually enables full resolution of the images acquired. Filling the entire screen, the images will be viewed in 40% more detail at a resolution that is 10 times greater than that of standard film.

The Real Revolution is in the Digital Process!

What a spectator finally views at an IMAX cinema is a film that was worked on for many months in the editing process: cinematographers and technicians studied and corrected the sounds and colours of the movie down to the last detail.

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