All you need to know about X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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On 6th June it will be the turn of X-Men: Dark Phoenix to thrill fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about this new film, starring Sophie Turner.

The first X-Men without Wolverine

After having admired Wolverine (brilliantly played by Hugh Jackman) for the last time in the 2017 standalone film Logan, this mutant superhero will not appear in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.


Sophie Turner stirs up curiosity

The actress has certainly helped to arouse fans’ curiosity about the new film by saying that it will be a dark, action-packed drama that could completely revolutionise the comic book film genre.

A very different ending

Originally, the climax of the film coincided with an alien invasion attempting to kill all the world leaders. Director Simon Kinberg – together with Fox – has twisted the whole thing by staging a huge battle that coincides with a railway disaster.


A breathtaking train journey

The railway disaster is said to be the most spectacular and complex sequence in the film: after a group of soldiers capture the mutants and load them onto a train, the alien leader (played by Jessica Chastain) attacks the convoy to get hold of the Black Phoenix Jean Grey. You can expect a series of fierce fights between the X-Men and the aliens.

A sacrifice changes the X-Men’s direction

Without revealing who it is, let’s just say that one of the X-Men is going to make the ultimate sacrifice, losing their life to stop the alien invasion. This will have a big impact on the rest of the saga: the film X-Men – Days of Future Past seemed to predict some continuity but this twist would seem to completely overturn the plot.

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