Colours and fun for Tribe’s latest collection: Mr. Wonderful!

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At Tribe, after the magic comes a dreamlike world made of pastel colours, soft shapes, friendly designs and positive quotes which bring joy to your day.

We’re talking about Tribe’s new collaboration with Mr. Wonderful. Cactuses, avocados, ice-creams, unicorns and coffee… There really is something for everyone!
But who is Mr. Wonderful?

Two hearts, one home… and Mr. Wonderful!

Mr. Wonderful is the brainchild of two Spanish designers, Javi and Angi, a husband and wife who, on a cold day in February 2011, started working on images and designs which fostered positivity and good vibes.

They used social channels to promote their work and their primary aim was to cheer up users with positive, colourful and exciting messages. Thanks to this style of communication, Javi and Angi’s initial idea began to grow: their designs received more and more attention and interest, and soon they were offered the chance to turn their brand into an actual product.  This is how their gadget collection came to be and how they achieved great success, paving the way for future expansions. Their small online shop attracted the attention of big chains and their products began to appear to gift shops.  The products are now ready to go international, moving from the Spanish market to the European one. This is where Tribe comes into the picture!  In Italy, Mr. Wonderful has accrued over 1 million fans both on Facebook and on Instagram. It seems that everyone wants Mr. Wonderful!

Calendars, notebooks, mugs, keyrings, photo albums, slippers, money-boxes and candles… there’s something for everyone! There’s even tech stuff… and that’s where we come in handy! USB flash drives, Powerbanks and audio accessories are our strong suit and this is how we’ve combined them with Mr. Wonderful.

Here is Tribe’s new collection: what a wonderful world!

USB Mr Wonderful

The products you find on the relevant page of our website feature Mr. Wonderful’s “cuddly” and vibrant style. Here’s a taster…

we’ve got USB flash drives – always useful, seeing as there’s never enough space to store photos and important documents! Here are the 4 versions available:  Pineapple, Cactus, Coffee and Ice Cream – the last two are even scented!

Another unmissable item is the Power Bank: there are different patterns available for all phones, energy vampires, the slim version with quotes that are full of optimism, or the shaped version, like this big cuddly Avocado.

Powerbank Mr Wonderful

Then there’s the trend of the moment: the most colourful and fun Pop Sockets® around, designed specially for all you dreamers: doughnuts, hearts, the unmissable avocado and the mighty unicorn.

And, of course, we couldn’t leave out the music lovers: your  playlists will have a unique style and will reverberate through the room with your Bluetooth speakers which can be connected to one another, creating a real “happiness machine”!

What can we say about the unicorns? The dreamiest of tech lovers can complete their desk survival kit  with Unicorn mouses: wireless and stress-less, all it takes to boost your mood is to look at them.

Visit the section on our website dedicated to Mr. Wonderful 😊

Speaker Mr Wonderful



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