What to expect from Spider-Man and his Spider Verse?

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When talking about the upcoming film about one of the most beloved superheroes of film and comic, due out on December 25th, we can’t avoid mentioning the spectacular trailer that teases its release.
As everyone will have seen, the first teasers reveal that it’s an animated film with a protagonist at the helm who proves to be a worthy substitute for Peter Parker: Miles Morales.

Spider-Verse: what is it?

The question that all Spider-Man fans are asking themselves is: “What is the Spider-Verse?” Translated into Italian by Panini Comics as Ragnoverso, it was introduced to the general public for the first time in 2015 in The Amazing Spiderman issues of All-New Marvel NOW, numbers 9 to 15. Born from the imaginative mind of Dan Slot, this new universe is basically a concept rather than a place: a set of multiple dimensions in which various characters inhabit the role of Spider-Man. So, we get to meet different characters, from Kaine to Spider-Gwen, from Spider-Woman to Miles Morales, from Silk to Superior Spider-Man, all of whom have one thing in common: a great passion for cobwebs. There are Japanese spider men who fly robots, there are Indians with names similar to Peter Parker, and there is even one with the features of an anthropomorphic pig, Spider-Ham.


What to expect, instead, from Spider-Man: A New Universe?

The film by Lord and Miller, which in the Italian version is called Spider-Man: Un nuovo Universo, is clearly inspired by the parallel realities already presented in the comic, but also seems to present obvious differences. In addition to the passage of testimony from Peter Parker to Miles Morales, some rumours say that although there will be many characters belonging to the comic, their characteristics will be significantly different from the paper version. The latter, although has not obtained unanimous criticism nor been recognised as a milestone in the world of comics, has certainly been huge commercial success. So much so that Sony has decided to bring it to the big screen. In the meantime, if you’re curious about the original stories, you can find them in Amazing Spider-Man, numbers #627 to #633, published by Panini Comics in 2015.


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