The Evolution of Spider-Man in Far From Home

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If there’s one concept which undergoes a stark development in Spider-Man’s character in Far From Home, it is undoubtedly his sense of responsibility.

We’ve always associated Peter Parker to a character who is well aware of the importance of his powers and his need to own them, but in the last episode of the saga, this becomes even more evident.

Spider-Man’s two new emotions

Adding layers to Spider-Man’s character in Far From Home are two feelings: trust and guilt. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Peter Parker loses a father figure; Tony Stark‘s passing creates an irreplaceable absence in Spider-Man‘s life. If, on the one hand, Peter feels that the weight of the world is on his shoulders and that everyone is expecting him to step up and take Stark and the Avenger’s place, on the other hand he does not feel ready for such a complex task.  He will have to learn to trust himself, his own abilities, compelled by the sense of duty he has towards Iron Man.

Peter Parker is all of ustom-holland-spiderman

Jon Watts, the director of Far From Home, was incredibly skilful in bringing out the feature that makes Spider-Man such a loved character: his ability to represent us all, due to his sometimes naive, sometimes clumsy, nature.

Think about it: isn’t Peter Parker the allegory of the growing up we all have to go through? While growing up, we’ve all at some point or another, felt “inadequate“, have had to deal with our own shortcomings and worked towards bettering ourselves.

Similarly, Spider-Man is a young man who does not give up despite all the adversities, including the inadequacy of his age compared to the role he is being entrusted with. But after many attempts, he always manages to do the right thing.

A version of Spider-Man that is in line with Stan Lee’s vision

Although Stan Lee is no longer with us in body, his vision of Spider-Man lives on in the movies and cartoons.

Spider-Man is still a responsible character and refuses to shirk his duties. These features in Far from Home are emphasised and are ever-evolving.

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