Stan Lee: interesting facts about the famous Marvel creator

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On 12th November 2018, Stan Lee, the well-known cartoonist and creative mind behind the most important Marvel superheroes, passed away at the age of 95 in West Hollywood.

The genius that was Stan Lee was responsible (although not always exclusively) for famous icons such as Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, the Fantastic 4, Black Panther, Avengers and X-Men.

The mainstream public got to know him through his many cameos in different MCU films, but there are still many anecdotes about him that most of us don’t know.

Did Stan Lee have to do the cameos?

Stan Lee‘s famous cameos have contributed in recent years to making him recognisable even to mainstream audiences. What many people might not know is that his involvement in the Marvel movies (and not only) were due to rigid contracts wanted by Lee himself. The cartoonist and producer took his brand to heart and wanted everyone to acknowledge he was the creator.


Iron Man was created from a bet

Of all the superheroes conceived by Stan Lee, Iron Man is the one with the most unique backstory. Lee wanted to create a character who, on paper, the audience would not have liked.  “I thought that it would have been fun to create a guy who nobody liked, or at least none of our readers, and force them to like him”, these are the words of the cartoonist, whose bet clearly paid off.

The “Marvel method” stems from Stan Lee

The winning “Marvel method”, or in other words collaborating on stories and characters, making illustrators and screenwriters compare notes, was introduced by Stan Lee himself, as declared to CNN in 2010: “This is how it worked: I’d write the original story, they’d draw it, then I’d edit it and work on the creative direction. Throughout my career, I’ve always collaborated with others.”

Why is Hulk’s skin green?  It’s all down to a basic requirement!

Maybe very few people know that Hulk, initially, had grey skin. But a problem arose: printing houses were unable to get the right tone of colour, so Stan Lee drastically changed direction and turned the character green from the second edition, giving no further explanation to readers. Maybe it wasn’t the best-planned decision, but it definitely was a successful one!


Stan Lee started his career as a cartoonist by abandoning a depressing job

What urged Stan Lee to become the creative person we all love was his first job: his job was to draft “premature obituaries”, commemorative articles connected to the death of famous people before they actually died. After a while, Lee grew tired of this role, which he considered to be too depressing, and chose to focus on something more exciting!

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