“Star Wars: The Last Jedi”: all the details on the success (and anticipation for the return of Han Solo)

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“Star Wars: “The Last Jedi”, has certainly changed the cards on the table regarding the future of the saga created by George Lucas. Unlike the previous “Star Wars: the force awakens”, which was largely criticized by fans for the excessive adherence to the ancient narrative dogmas of the series, the latest episode directed by Rian Johnson represents a film full of changes, not only for what is awaiting Star Wars fans in the future, but also in relation to the tradition of the series (such as the “opening” speech, regarding the force of nature and the role of the Jedi order).

Here are some details reviewing the most important hidden meanings and details.

“I have a bad feeling about this”

Star Wars gli ultimi jedi personaggi

Many fans have pointed out to Johnson that one of the “iconic phrases” of the series – (“I have a bad feeling about this”) – was not present in the series. The director, on Twitter, replies that the sentence is present, although not in English: it should be said, in theory, by the droid BB-8.

Grand returns

Star Wars gli ultimi jedi Yoda


Among the elements which have aroused the most surprise in the new episode, is certainly the cameo of the master Jedi Yoda, who makes appearances to comment on Luke’s choices, in the form of a ghost.

The character is represented with the same features as his original figure in the first trilogy, therefore, far from the digital morphology which existed in the second.
The original characteristics of this character are not only the aesthetic factor, but also involve his presence on the set. To show this, in the credits, some of the puppeteers who had the function of maneuvering his movements are listed.

… To feel at home

Star Wars gli ultimi jedi battaglia


The choice of Crait as the place for the final battle is worth a mention, especially from the point of view of the scenery, as the salty surface of the planet gives a certain strength to the battle ground.

There is also a very strong narrative value behind the place, because in “Leia, Princess of Alderaan” (official Star Wars prequel), it was on Crait’s land that Luke’s sister’s appearance began, in the rebellion against the empire.

The double-named sword



It will certainly have aroused a fair amount of curiosity that Luke Skywalker called his historic weapon by a different name, calling it, during the failed battle with Kylo Ren, in English “Laser Sword” instead of “Lightsaber” and in Italian “Spada di Luce”, instead of” Spada Laser “. This is an oversight entirely dedicated to the most passionate fans, as since the origins of the Star Wars project, this was precisely the word used by Lucas to describe the Jedi weapons.

Han Solo is on his way

All Star Wars fans will already be aware that in May 2018 the new spin-off film “Solo: A Star Wars Story” will be released. The new “episode”, which will star Emilia Clarke, Alden Ehrenreich and Woody Harrelson, will be set ten years before “A New Hope” and will also boast the presence of the beloved Chewbacca. 

Here is the official trailer:



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