Who is the best Superhero of all time?

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Any lover of the world of superheroes has asked at least once, without ever being able to give a certain answer: who, among all known superheroes, is the best of all time? Everyone has always given their favored response, based on strength, speed, intelligence or some other extraordinary quality, but an official and “scientifically” recognized opinion has never been offered in this regard. This is why some students of the University of Leicester have carried out a study that lasted 7 years, where, through numerous scientific calculations and analyzing the various feats as if they were made in real life, they managed to draw up a ranking that would decree the most powerful superhero of all times.

Created in 1933 on the model of the Carnera boxer and specifically designed to fully highlight the essential elements of American patriotism, Superman is certainly the founder of the superhero genre. If first place may seem obvious, certainly not the second and third: the silver medal goes to Wolverine for the vital ability to regenerate his tissues, while the third place is occupied by Mystica, with the very useful power of assuming any identity.


A disappointing fourth place goes to Thor, who still manages to outrank others thanks to the energy produced by the powers of thunder, equal to 5.97 x 1018 Joules. Falling from higher positions, then, it is curious to note that one of the most beloved heroes of the public would be more than mediocre in reality: it is Batman. Batman, in fact, given the speed of the movements, would not hold up even in a controlled glide landing. As for the character of Flash, however, the students have given evidence of his abilities, also highlighting the extreme scientific level of the study they conducted: it was calculated, in fact, that the superhero could be burned alive from only the heat emitted by the soles of his shoes if he ran at a speed of 394 m/s, and that he would age 72 years in a single year of life, precisely because of his speed. Spider-Man data also caused a smile: if indeed a 40% extendable type of silk existed, similar to the spider’s web, then our hero would flatten himself after a single jump from a skyscraper in New York.

The image below summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of the various superheroes examined by the study


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