The best way to go to the movies? Alone!

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Journalist Hailey Schueneman tells us what she thinks is the best way to see a film at the cinema, in an interesting article she wrote for The Cut. According to her, you should go to the movies alone.

She came to this conclusion at age 14, when she went to the cinema to see The Aviator with a friend who wasn’t enthusiastic about her choice.

Her friend ended up leaving the movie halfway through and asking her mother to pick her up, while Hailey finished the movie with dampened spirits and went home on foot. She realised then that the best way to go to the cinema was going solo.

Going to the movies with friends? Bad mistake!

For Schueneman, going to the cinema with friends is an experience that contradicts the movie theatre ambience: you sit in the dark, in silence, and you focus on the screen… you are alone anyway! The pinnacle of absurdity has got to be, according to the journalist, when you choose to go to the cinema for a first date: “It’s a horrible idea, really! How could you possibly have fun watching a movie with someone you know a dozen things about, like who his siblings are and what foods he likes best?”


Watching a film is like reading a book

The journalist says that ideally we should watch a film the way we read a book: we first explore it on our own, then we discuss it with others who have read it. Watching a film with someone else risks exposing us to the intellectual filters of those around us.


A few practical tips for going to the cinema

The journalist then ends with a number of practical tips to make your experience at the cinema as enjoyable as possible:

  • get there half an hour early to get the best seat.
  • the best seat is in the middle of the third to last row
  • buy, in this order, medium-sized popcorn, liquorice sticks, and a bottle of water
  • don’t drink too much during the film so you won’t need to pee and risk missing out on important scenes.
  • go pee before the movie starts.
  • reply to any important messages and then turn off your smartphone, to eliminate the main source of distraction


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