The future of headphones and earphones: wireless and practical

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With real-life applications similar to fantasy movies, the future of headphones is already here. The promise is to offer a musical experience with a better sound quality than ever. The earphones of the future are wireless, practical and very innovative devices. In 2016, among new products presentations at IFA 2016 and the announce of innovative models, headphones have been completely re-designed. Also Tribe has made its contribution!

Let’s see together the most innovative and interesting headphones in 2016.

Sony MDR-1000x: noise-cancelling headphones

Sony MDR headphones has been has an appreciated product for some years now. Since this fall, the new Sony MDR-1000x are available: Sony promises a noise-cancelling technology, able to adapt to the ear of the listener. The device analyses the shape of the user’s head while wearing the headphones and, after the computation of the results, it can give a customized noise-cancelling experience.

Just think you are on the train and you are disturbed by the uprorar of the tracks. Or maybe you are in the middle of a noisy crowd. If you’re wearing your headphones, you would like to plunge into the music you are listening. And that’s what Sony MDR-1000x may let you experience. They will be marketed this fall at a 400$ price.

Sony MDR 1000x

Bone conduction headphones

If Sony’s headphones promise is to let you experience a noise-cancelling listening, bone conduction headphones are a compromise to actually listen to the noises of the environment around you. Starting from IFA 2016 this innovation – which up until then appeared as fantasy – has finally become a reality thanks to more companies developing them and the reduction of the price. As of today, bone conduction headphones are a product interesting for everybody.

How do they work? They are earphones not to be plugged into your ears, but only to be rest on your temples: in this way, they use the head bones to conduct the sound transmitted from the device to the eardrum.

The picture below will let you understand how the bone conduction headphones work. They are effective just like traditional earphones (source: Tom’s Hardware).

Come funziona la conduzione ossea

The real benefit of using bone condution earphones is that the listener will not be totally isolated. They are useful in a situation when the user does not have to “escape” surrounding reality, for example while he is in the office or he is running.

Apple’s intelligent earphones: Airpods

According to Apple and to some industry experts, Airpods will change the way in which we experience music, phone calls and interactions with virtual assistants. With a design similar to Earpods, classic Apple earphones, the only aesthetic difference may seem the fact that they are wireless. Airpods are also intelligent because they are contained in a special case that recharges them while they are not being used. In only 15 minutes, they will give the user 3 hours of listening autonomy.

Apple Airpods

Another reason for their “intelligence” is that audio starts just when Airpods are weared, and it pauses if they are removed. They even have a microphone, with which a person can easily make phone calls or talk with Siri. Airpods will be on the market in 2017, with a 159$ price.

Tribe Vibe products are coming! Earphones and headphones with Marvel, DC Comics, Vespa and Star Wars licenses will give you a bit of fun when listening to your favorite music! Here’s a preview of Iron Man and Captain America models:

Captain America Tribe Vibe Tribe Move

Iron Man Tribe Vibe Tribe Move



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