The most important super-heroines of all time

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When we think about cine-comics or about DC comics and Marvel, our thoughts take us almost automatically to male superheroes. Over time, however, publications based purely on female characters (and the relative films) have received growing attention. Below, we tell of the super heroines from comics and their superpowers.

The Black Widow

She first appeared in the comics of the 60s, when the topic of the moment was the Cold War. She then re-emerged on the big screen when her character reappeared as a founding member of the Avengers.

The Black Widow symbolises the femme fatale stereotype, a violent and merciless spy of the KGB who redeems herself by alternating operations under cover for S.H.I.E.L.D. and epic galactic adventures with the Avengers. In addition to her super-human fighting powers, the Black Widow also has an IQ that is distinctly higher than average.



Janet Van Dyne is the first avenger, the one who gave the Avengers their name, and has in time become a team leader, almost on a par with Captain America and Captain Marvel. Compared to the latter, whose comic character sometimes seems hesitant and divided, Wasp is a credible and consistent character, who is “close” to the beauty of the female universe: a mature and dominating woman who is sweet and fragile at the same time. He


Jean Grey, alias Dark Phoenix

We are talking about the first and perhaps the most important X-Woman of all time. The editorial history of Dark Phoenix is long-lived and enthralling, while her appearance on the big screen is more recent and a great success, with the main character played brilliantly by Sophie Turner.

One could say that Jean Grey represents somewhat the essence of the X-Men, with the ability to move emotionally entire generations of readers.



In addition to being one of the most important comic super-heroines with dark skin, a fact that in the past gave her a certain importance in the American comic culture, Storm represents a true pillar for the X-Men, and also becomes headmistress of the school that bears the name of her recruiter, Xavier.

The character has the ability to control the atmospheric agents and is considered an Alpha level mutant, potentially able to rise to the most powerful level there is, namely, the Omega level.


Wonder Woman

The ultimate symbol of comic heroines, without any doubt whatsoever, is Wonder Woman. All comic fans agree that Diana of Themyscira is the ideal super-woman for her innate goodness, her strength and her beauty.

A Pillar of the Justice League, the group of super heroes of DC, she is an “iconic character” of the feminist ideal, with the ability to leave a strong mark in all the periods in which she has been transposed on paper.

What powers does she have? Practically all of them!


Captain Marvel

For the huge success recently obtained at the cinema, thanks to the interpretation of Brie Larson, we have decided to conclude this excursus into the world of super heroines with the female alter ego of Captain America: Captain Marvel. This super heroine boasts important alliances with the main groups of super heroes, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men and, naturally, the Avengers of which she has been one of the most symbolic members since the 70s.


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