The weirdest superhero weaknesses

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When you think about superheroes, you think superpowers: speed, agility, strength… But what about their weaknesses? We did some digging, and came up with this list of potential weaknesses for your favourite characters!

Superman and that awkward cape

Superman’s cape is truly iconic. But does this classic accessory really help our hero fly high, or is it more trouble than it’s worth? Just imagine if Superman’s cape got caught in the turbine of an aeroplane: he might be unharmed, but the same could not be said for the plane and its passengers.


Superpowers and words: a dangerous combination!

From Shazam! to Zatanna the magician, not to mention Iron Man, many superheroes use some form of voice commands as the key to their powers. But what would happen if they were gagged or lost their voice for whatever reason? Chaos!


Super-senses: not always so super!

For characters such as Spider-man and Superman, their super-senses (for example, super-sight and super-hearing) are the source of much of their power. However, as Suveen Mathaudhu, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of California, pointed out, superheroes would have to focus on one super-sense at a time to avoid overstimulation and confusion. A simple tool like a stun grenade (also called a Flashbang) could therefore overstimulate both hearing and sight in one fell swoop, leaving our heroes incapacitated.


Superheroes and masks: need we say more?

Masks are a superhero staple, including the iconic designs sported by Batman and Spider-man.  But the real question is, how well can they actually see out of them? Not very well, we’re guessing!


Wide open spaces: the ultimate super-hindrance!

Let’s talk Batman and Spider-man: in order to live up to their full potential, both characters need handholds and walls to confuse their opponents. Put them out in the middle of a field, however, and maybe their combat skills would still save the day, but it would be a struggle!


Self-healing gone wrong

Wolverine, Superman, Deadpool and the Hulk all have the great ability to heal their own wounds and recover from serious injuries in record time.

But let’s think about how medicine could be used to turn this strength into a weakness: for example, injecting a particular virus into Wolverine’s immune system could create a short circuit and transform his ability into something more akin to an autoimmune disease.


The risky business of super-speed

Superheroes like the Flash can use their super-speed thanks to the friction between their feet and the ground. Eliminating friction would therefore create some serious problems for our hero. Captain Cold, one of the Flash’s oldest nemeses, took advantage of this weakness by using his freeze ray gun to make the ground smooth and slow his opponent down.


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