Toy Story 4: it’s nearly here

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This is it! Toy Story 4 is finally coming to cinemas on 20 June! 23 years have passed since the first “episode” was made using computer graphics: John Lasseter was the director, and the world of animated films changed from that moment on. It’s no wonder then that the iconic story about “living toys” has been brought back to life.

Toy Story 4 plot and trivia

The third episode ends with Andy deciding to hand over his toys to his young neighbour Bonnie. Toy Story 4 will start from this point in the story, so the little girl will be the owner of the toys. Apparently the film will focus on looking for Bo Peep, a shepherdess who disappeared in Toy Story 2 and who Woody has a crush on. The “sheriff-toy” will do whatever it takes to find her and be with her.


Bo Peep is particularly “close” to the director

John Lasseter recently stated that the character of Bo Peep reminds him very much of his wife. This is what he told MTV:

“Bo Peep really reminds me of my wife Nancy in many ways. And my wife Nancy has an incredible emotional story, before I met her, so it’s a very personal story — as every film at Pixar. It’s a very touching story that’s inspired by my love for my wife.”


Who will voice Woody?

It will definitely be strange to not hear Fabrizio Frizzi‘s famous voice as Woody after his untimely death in 2018. The well known and much loved presenter and voice actor will be replaced by Angelo Maggi, while in the American version Woody’s voice will be provided by the very talented Tom Hanks who also confessed to being moved after reading the end of the script.

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