Venom will be released after summer: here is the first of the gossip

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Venom will be released in Italian cinemas on 4th October 2018, a film dedicated to the bitter enemy of Spider-Man who will be played by actor Tom Hardy. The film finished being shot in January of this year and, as usual, the first of the gossip and curiosities about this new film have started to appear.


Venom will be set in Asia

The film will supposedly be set in Asia, although there is still no concrete information about the country that will host the shooting. According to some rumours from the cast, some actors were sought through an announcement that read: “we are looking for villagers without modern haircuts”. Some have speculated that we might see flashbacks from old Vietnam or a very ancient Japan, but nothing is certain. Of course, we can already guess what the origins of the evil alien enemy of Spider-Man will be.

Will Spider-Man appear?

There is more and more gossip surrounding the fact that Spider-Man may not appear in the film. It’s hypothesised that Venom may have been present on earth for centuries before the arrival of Spider-Man or, even more likely, the result of a risky government experiment to deal with a complex war situation. This is looking more likely however, it’s linked to a feature film that will deviate a fair amount from the original story of Venom.


Venom will not be a film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The partnership between Sony and Marvel, for now, is exclusively limited to the Spider-Man character. During the Q&A at lowa City High School reported by the ComicBook portal, the co-director of Avengers: Infinity War, Joe Russo, has in fact responded abruptly to the possibility that the spin-off dedicated to Venom was somehow involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe: “No, the character is from Sony”. An answer that leaves little to the imagination, shattering the hopes of the most loyal fans of the Marvel universe.

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