What do Harry Potter and Star Wars have in common?

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Although at first they may seem distant, if not complete opposites, in actual fact, the two sagas Harry Potter and Star Wars have a basic storyline that unites them more than one might think.

The classic “heroic journey”

A young boy conducts an “ordinary” life, in a routine that, deep down, makes him feel secure. But he wants more, so he sets off on an adventure . Although hesitant at first, it then takes him to the point of no return, forcing him to leave his old life behind him. During his adventure, our hero meets a mentor who guides him on his journey, also with the help of several friends who share his experience with him. In the end, the protagonist is a changed person and triumphant, just like a real hero. Don’t you think this storyline fits both Star Wars (taking only the initial trilogy as an example) and Harry Potter?

Harry and Luke Skywalker are similar

While the previous storyline might apply to a large number of sagas, Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker unexpectedly have other things in common: both are orphans and both have been brought up by their aunt and uncle (even if in Luke’s case, they are more caring), and neither of them are aware of their amazing origins. Finally, both of them are called on to carry out feats that, at first, they believe to be much greater than they are.


A “helper” for both

And what about Hagrid and Obi-Wan Kenobi? Both start to take care of their protégés under the advice, respectively, of Dumbledore and Yoda. Then they both have the task of telling their family story, and thus to shed light on their identity. Obi-Wan is certainly far more balanced than the clumsy Hagrid, but in substance they are the same: both have the task of accompanying the protagonists on their adventures.

The friends of Harry and Luke

Both Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker can count on a group of friends that play an active part in the adventure. The famous young wizard has Ron and Hermione  on his side, while the Jedi of the galaxies turns to Han and Leia for help. These “travel companions” are often real co-protagonists, but are also ready to step aside in the crucial moments of the story: for example, when Harry faces Voldemort and when Luke confronts firstly his father and then the emperor.

The old mentors

As already mentioned, Dumbledore and Yoda are true guides for the two protagonists. Both are wise, charismatic and “human” (in the empathic sense of the word). They have the important role of preparing Harry and Luke for the arduous tasks that lie ahead.


The ‘baddies’

In spite of the evident differences between Voldemort and Darth Vader, they also have a few things in common: both are driven by the same feelings of hatred and revenge, but this characteristic is shared by many of the “great baddies” in films and comics. What makes them particularly similar, is that fact that they have both suffered serious physical damage that almost destroyed them, and above all that they are inextricably bound to the two heroes. Voldemort, for example, is linked to Harry Potter through the horcrux that lives within him, while Vader is in fact the father of Luke Skywalker.

Harry Potter and Star Wars, similar also in their technological version

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