10 Game of Thrones Gadgets, Before Winter Comes

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Raise your hand if the name Jon Snow never came to your ears. Or if you don’t look forward for the coming of winter (though winter actually came, after season 6 finale). Game of Thrones debuted in USA in 2011 on HBO, and it quickly generated great media buzz, engaging a global fandom. In Nothern Ireland tourism packages were even created, in order to visit the shooting scenes scenarios. A cruel, visceral, passional TV show. A winning one.

Among fanpages, spoilers, and meetings with friends having Season 6 episodes for dinner, everyone of us had the dream to sit on the Iron Throne, because Joffrey just didn’t deserve it (and neither Cersei). We don’t know yet who will conquer the seven kingdoms, but the Throne certainly conquered the global market.

We prepared a simple list of Game of Thrones gadgets, that will persuade even fantasy objectors and the most skeptical viewers.

Il trono di spade Joffrey

For phone-addicted

Smartphone is an important part of our day-to-day life: it’s our trusted friend, our 24h counselor, we never separate from each other. So here’s a resin and acrylic painted iron throne, the right support for your device.

porta cellulare trono di spade

For food lovers

Food is a trending topic in the internet, among video-recipes, aspiring chefs and hyper-saturated pictures. Could Game of Thrones live with this trend without declaring war? Of course it couldn’t. Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lerhrer, supervised by George R. R. Martin (who wrote the original books) created, collected and drafted a hundred recipes divided by region, because in Dorne you don’t eat what you eat at King’s Landing.

libro di cucina Game of thrones

If you involve this much in the medieval and fantasy kitchen, kitchen tools like salt and pepper set cannot miss, especially if they represent Stark and Lannister House badges. Beware who you invite to dinner in this case, you could create easy quarrels among diners!

sale e pepe game of thrones

But you can sweeten them after the main courses with delicious an neutral home-made cookies, thanks to cookies print with the badge of the four main houses: Stark, Baratheon, Lannister and Targaryen.

stampi biscotti per Game of thrones

For lazy ones and dreamers

Lying on your couch is not a dishonor anymore, if you have the Game of Thrones shield cushions. Huge and elegant, they are good allies to pretend your House defense form a strategic position.

Tris di cuscini Game of thrones

If your fantasy nap is not enough, and you wish to dream while you’re awake, you cannot desire more than these gadget you can find online for sale:

  • Original Iron Throne replica, 1:1 scale, in glass fiber, faithfully sculpted and painted in order to reach the perfection in details

replica trono di spade

  • Faith replica of the Knight’s Watchers cloak, artisanally made, available in every size.

Mantello jon snow e guardiani della notte

For when winter… and Christmas come

Winter is coming, and you might be a little shocked. Do not risk to lose Christmas sweetness, though caring about the Seven Kingdom’s destiny: this year you can decorate your Christmas Tree in a Game of Thrones style:

addobbi natalizi palle di natale Game of thrones luci di natale game of thrones

For anyone

If we did not persuade you yet to watch Game of Thrones and to get engaged about it, the last gadget on this list won’t leave you any doubt.

They are six, full of details, and they represent the six main characters of Game of Thrones saga: Tribe pen drives, they fit to your pocket and are functional for your life, so much they can become your allies to impossible savings. They sure are useful to load Game of Thrones Season 6 episodes if you still have to watch them!


No problem If you have to choose which one: we presented a detailed description of every each of them in an article.

Visit Tribe e-commerce to purchase USB Game of Thrones gadgets!


Game of Thrones personaggi chiavette USB



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