2018 is the year in which Mickey Mouse will be hitting 90!

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Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday is coming up soon and 2018 will be a celebratory year. Walt Disney’s iconic cartoon character made his first appearance on 18 November 1928 in the short film entitled “Steamboat Willie”. Who could ever forget that splendid image of Mickey Mouse as he navigates his steamboat down the river, whistling the tune composed by Arthur Collins, Steamboat Bill?

The commemorative year has just got off to a start with a wealth of events specially dedicated to him.

 The Italian Ministry of Economic Development pays homage to the cartoon mouse with a new stamp edition

As an official tribute, Italy has decided to honour the most famous mouse in the world with a series of eight stamps issued by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) and falling into the category “the Excellence of the economic and manufacturing system”. Designed by the cartoonist Giorgio Cavazzano, the collection retraces the graphic evolution of Mickey Mouse.

Obviously, celebrations will also be held at his official place of abode – the Disneyland parks scattered all over the world.

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The initiatives promoted by D23 – the Disney fan club

D23, the official Disney fan club, began organising various activities some time ago, starting with those scheduled at the Walt-Disney World Resort in Orlando.  

From 16 to 18 November 2018, Destination D will be taking place: Happy Birthday Mickey is the name of an event where Mickey’s fans will be given the opportunity to take part in panels, to enjoy the screening of exclusive images taken from the Disney archives and much much more. 

Special festivities are set to run during the D23 Expo, the convention organised by the Disney fan club from 10 to 12 February 2018 at the Disney Resort of Tokyo. This event will be spectacular to say the least, not only because it will be a commemoration of Mickey Mouse’s birthday, but also of 95 years of Walt Disney and 35 years since the famous entertainment park in Japan first opened.

D23 Expo - Anaheim, California (August 18, 2011) - Mickey Mouse poses outside the Anaheim Convention Center the day before the opening of D23 Expo 2011. (D23 EXPO/RICHARD HARBAUGH) MICKEY MOUSE

D23 Expo – Anaheim, California (August 18, 2011) – Mickey Mouse poses outside the Anaheim Convention Center the day before the opening of D23 Expo 2011. 

The celebrations in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland in Paris is also limbering up to celebrate Mickey Mouse. A recent survey showed that as much as 83% of the French population adores Mickey Mouse and the reason for his popularity is the zest, sense of curiosity and joie de vivre that all the cartoon stories convey.

There will be a plethora of activities, including a number strewn all over the city of Paris. As usual, the honour of starting the daily pageant at the most famous entertainment park in Europe goes to Mickey Mouse and his beloved Minnie. If you happen to be in the area, don’t miss the chance to go to Meet Mickey Mouse: you will be able to shake his hand and have your photo taken with him.

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The collection of exclusive Tribe gadgets

Here at Tribe too, we will be celebrating the cutest mouse in history with a range of gadgets dedicated to the world of Disney.
Fall in love with our three-dimensional USB memory sticks which do not only represent Mickey Mouse, but the entire Disney lineup: Minnie, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Scrooge McDuck and the Beagle Boys.

Or give your smartphone a style update by “dressing it up” with one of our covers, and, to make sure it is always charged, try the highly useful Power Banks which are compact, slender and practical. Make sure you have one with you all the time.

Match your external portable battery to Keyline, the mini USB cable featuring a lead case which doubles up as a handy keyring.

So why hang around? Mickey Mouse & friends are waiting for you on tribe-tech.com

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