5 gift ideas for Christmas: the right present for the right person

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Happy young woman opening a Christmas present box


Streets awash with those tell-tale smells, muzak and flickering lights.The festive atmosphere has taken over our towns and cities: it’s not long until Christmas!

And Christmas is a time for giving.And like every year, finding that perfect present for someone is not so easy.

How do you find the right gift for Christmas?

When we stare at a store window or spend a few hours e-shopping thinking about which gift to buy, we are inevitably influenced by our own personal taste.But in order to  get the ideal gift, you have to put yourself in the receiver’s shoes and think hard about what they like, their style and personality, in the same way as we suggested for Valentine’s Day.

OK, let’s take a look at 5 ideas from Tribe’s vast selection that are best suited to the different types of people we know and whom we would like to surprise on December 25th.

For the morning sportswoman

If your girlfriend sets the alarm early even at weekends for a run to the park, the perfect gift is a practical accessory that is still stylish.And if she, like Minnie, has a sweet but determined character, then a pair of Minnie earphones by Disney is the right choice: in addition to displaying the distinctive features of Micky Mouse’s girlfriend, they will play the ideal music to give her that much-needed boost of energy.

Auricolari Minnie

For those into music and… magic

If you have a friend spellbound by the magic of music and for him the first notes of a song are like a Harry Potter spell, then Tribe has the perfect instrument (not musical!) for him: it is the Harry Potter Speaker, a Bluetooth sound system with an enveloping and immersive sound, able to fill not only his room with music, but also all the halls of the Hogwarts, even without the use of magic!

Speaker Harry Potter

May the force be with him

After spending hours on social media or after a feature-length call with a friend, you find your battery is as flat as pancake!You can’t let this happen to your Star Wars obsessed boyfriend, now can you?! So, why not give him the Star Wars Logo Wireless Charger: to recharge the smartphone, simply place the phone on top of the charger and the phone will regain its full force, without the need for any cables or USB ports .


For the influencer follower

Online 24/7, she is an avid social networker, especially Instagram, and she is always glued to her smartphone screen .If this is the exact identikit of your friend, there is good news for you: the range of Tribe products includes an accessory that will earn you the prize for the best Christmas gift of the year and not just a like to show it! We’re talking about Mr Wonderful Pop Sockets®   : a firm grip on the smartphone and an original way to show off your character and style. Stick it on the phone cover to make it more ergonomic, its super colourful design will help brighten up her day.

Mr Wonderful

The perfect gift for the film buff

He never misses any new releases at the cinema and knows all the names of the actors, even those that are not so famous: yes, youreally do have a film buff on your hands here! And if his favourite films are those of the Avengers, this year under the tree you could let him find a new cover for his smartphone with an exclusive design inspired by Captain America or Iron Man.  Not only will he be thrilled, but this gift will takes his mind off the wait for Black Widow, the next Marvel film, which will be released at cinemas on 1st May 2020.

Capitan America

Find the right inspiration for your Christmas gifts in the Tribe catalogue!



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