After “Avenger Endgame”: what to expect from the future of the MCU

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After Avengers: Endgame, the avengers as we know them have ceased to exist. They’ve performed their duties, they’ve save the destiny of all of humanity and it was only right for them to finally say goodbye. Yet, some avengers have not left completely: there are still stories to be told in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stories that will continue to impact on the fate of humanity.

Hope is placed in Hulk and War Machine

Amongst the famous faces which continue to be present, there’s Doctor Hulk, who may continue to play an interesting role also thanks to the “change in direction” of his character, which paves the way for possible future stories for the “green man”.

War Machine is also a fully-fledged avenger because, in addition to staying alive, he is still active and ideologically convinced that he is fulfilling the Avengers‘ cause.


An important future awaits Spiderman

It is important also to remember that Tony Stark in Avengers: Infinity War, officially appointed SpiderMan as an authentic avenger, making him a real member of the collective.

It is therefore plausible to expect big things from Spiderman.


Will the outlaws become “pardoned” Avengers?

And what about Scarlet Witch and Falcon? It would seem that they too will play very important Avengers roles! At Tony Stark’s funeral, secretary Thunderbolt Ross did not show any intention of arresting them, implying that the Sokovia agreements had been suppressed. It is highly likely to believe that this will allow the two characters to reconnect to the remainder of the collective and continue to fight in order to save the world.


Other Avengers on the horizon

Antman‘s story gives us food for thought because, after “reappearing” from the parallel universe in Avengers, Endgame, it is implied that he will not abandon the remaining avengers, and will rely on the help of his partner, Wasp.

The same fate may await Doctor Strange, whose magic will certainly come in handy for the good of the planet, and Black Panther who will become even more essential thanks to his strength and wisdom.



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