All the technology we no longer use

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Technology is a strange world, and at times an almost cruel one. It presents itself as helping us, and perhaps it does. But at the same time, it eliminates its own previous creations and we find it easy to forget our own hi-tech past.

Below we’ve collected some items in different categories which certainly had an impact on our past. A bit of nostalgia is allowed. But remember in most cases, these accessories have been abandoned to the fast flow of time, making room for something more suitable and adapt.

All the music of our past

Let’s start from the recent past, without considering the world of vinyl that is considered vintage era. Most readers, thinking back to their childhood will certainly remember audio cassettes and magnetic tape which we put in a special accessory called a tape player to listen to the music of our favourite artists.

When these “cassettes” were then replaced by CDs, everyone shouted about a revolution that seemed to have no end. In fact, CDs still move a small part of the music market. It is also true, however, that music in mp3 form has, in turn, supplanted the compact-disc, giving way to a digital revolution. These small items called mp3 players (the most famous is Apple’s iPod) have suddenly replaced the “laser technology” of CD players in a short period of time.

But if times moves faster and faster, so do the changes. In just 13 years, even mp3 players have been almost completely phased out and been replaced by a new way of listening to the Music: streaming, enjoyed through our smartphones. It’s hard to imagine what will evolve from the “liquid music” that we are used to listening to today, but surely something will happen… and in quite a short time.


The world of video: a path similar to music

Turning to video, and without going too far back, we can start with the equivalent of the audio cassettes: videotapes. They also worked with magnetic tape and were played with a video recorder, an old technology now locked away in some dusty cupboard, just like their “cousin” the tape player.

As with music, videotapes became CDs, specifically DVDs, supported by DVD players. Today these objects continue to be used although streaming seems to have taken over even in this area. But since we’re talking about images, it’s fair to mention the old cathode-ray television sets, now replaced by modern plasma screens and, in more and more cases, by laptop screens or even smartphones.


Computer science changes the most!

If there is one sector that has seen a full gamut of changes in a few years, it’s IT. From the first IBM branded computers with green and black screens, in just over 30 years, we’ve moved to state-of-the-art laptops by Apple and Microsoft, as we know and use them today.

In between, there’ve been hundreds of changes, including accessories, functions and operating systems. It’s impossible then not to mention old MS DOS, the famous single-task system by Microsoft, able to “run” just one programme at a time. And what about floppy drives? This old portable memory, the ancestor of CD-ROMs and, later, much more recently USB flash drives.

Let’s not forget the world of videogames, a branch of computer science that in the last 30 years has seen an amazing evolution. Remember the old joy-sticks with knobs or, even better, coin-operated video games? Just two examples that have been the starting point for a world that is still evolving.


Tribe technology is timeless because it makes you dream!

In this article, we mentioned just some of the great milestones that technology has reached in recent history. There’d be much more to say, but perhaps we will deal with that later in a more specific and in-depth manner. In the meantime, we would like to bring your attention to a technological world in step with the times and destined to never go out of fashion, because it’s based on timeless reproductions of the most beloved cinema and cartoon characters, these are Tribe accessories!

In our shop discover chargers, earphones, USB sticks and much more, where a smile and technology come together for you!



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