Black Widow: a preview of the new Marvel film

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Set for release in cinemas in November, in Black Widow we’ll finally be seeing Scarlett Johansson starring in her very own adventure.

The Black Widow trailer tells the story of Romanoff coming to terms with her past

As shown in the recently released trailer, Black Widow will focus entirely on the first of the Avengers heroines. Some ten years have gone by since the movie début of the Russian spy Natasha Romanoff, and in this film we’ll see her return to her origins. As we can guess from the words we hear in the brief video extract – “Before I was an Avenger, I made mistakes. And a lot of enemies” – Romanoff will be compelled to sort out a number of issues from her past that she’s clearly tormented by.

The Black Widow is not alone

Natasha Romanoff will be joined by Yelena, her training companion (played by Florence Pugh), her trainer Melina (Rachel Weisz) and – last but not least – the Red Guardian (played by the imposing figure of David Harbour, whom we already know from Stranger Things). The group comes together to fight the formidable Taskmaster, able to replicate any ability shown by his enemies and a huge threat now that he has taken control of the Red Room, the training headquarters of the Black Widows.


The role of Ray Winstone remains a mystery

In a recently released poster for Black Widow we can spot Ray Winstone, a brand-new entry to the cast. We’re already familiar with Winstone for the part he played in The Departed, but his role here remains a mystery.


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