DC Films: some news on The Joker

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Some details have emerged about this highly-anticipated movie which stars Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role and is slated for release on 4th October. From the information circulating online, it looks like this movie is going to be extremely layered and dramatic. Here is some information which curious movie-goers will enjoy in the build-up to the movie’s release.

Gotham City will be the backdrop

The movie, of course, will be set in Gotham City. However, the city will have a less technological, more retro feel to it, seeing as the story takes place in 1981.

Who is the Joker?

Arthur Fleck/The Joker is an unknown clown who works for a talent agency and is flanked by a social worker who tries to contain his mental health problems. As the trailer clearly shows, Arthur spends a great deal of time taking care of his sick mother, who was once the waitress of Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father.

After the main character loses his job, his mental health deteriorates drastically and leading him to kill three members of the Wall Street elite and spear-heading a revolt against the wealthy people in the city.

Wayne’s family

Of course, Wayne’s family will be a prominent feature of the movie, but the spotlight will be cast on Thomas, Bruce’s father.  The rich businessman is running for the post of Mayor of Gotham and is ignoring the conditions of his ex-employee, who has tried to reach out to him in many ways.


Are Bruce Wayne and The Joker half-brothers?

There was a rumour going round that Arthur Fleck and Bruce Wayne were half-brothers, but this theory has been definitively quashed. Arthur’s mother had fallen in love with her employer, Thomas Wayne, but there’s no evidence that she had his child. What appears to be more certain is that one of woman’s ex-boyfriends abused Arthur as a child, and apparently Arthur seems to discover that his mother was complicit in the horrendous ordeal.

Thomas and Martha Wayne’s deaths are shrouded in mystery

What appears to be extremely important is a possible revelation on the dynamics surrounding the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne: both Bruce Wayne’s parents may not have been killed in the way the cartoons and previous Batman movies claim.

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