Disney Classics: the success of Oceania

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Years go by, but the magic that Disney keeps donating to children and grownups, seems to never end. The 2016 included the outbound of even two Classics from Disney: Zootropolis, which tells about the fun sequence of events of animals that can speak and act as humans, and Oceania, a masterpiece that reinvents the classic role of the princess. Both of them have been worldwide successes, both from the viewpoint of the critique and the takings.

The unforgettable Disney characters


Always wise, but amusing at the same time, Disney’s stories never get to forget. This is also thanks to their protagonists: although the hard challenges they have to face, they end up behaving with ethics and humanity.

The empathizing of adults and babies into this wonderful world contributed to make Tribe unique. In fact, for years, Tribe has been dedicating a collection of 3D USB keys that depict the memorable Disney characters. The protagonists who animated the stories beloved by children, become today faithful miniatures to keep on hand with you. Among them we have: the golden couple Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, the faithful Pluto, the funny Donald Duck and Daisy, the millionaire Scrooge McDuck, Goofy the bungler and the usual bad villain, 167 761 from the Beagle Boys.

Oceania: the last success


Among the characters of younger birth, it must be made a note of Vaiana (Moana in mother tongue), the main character of the last Disney Classic directed by John Musker and Ron Clements: Oceania. Come out in the US the 23rd of November, so far 500 million dollars have been collected, earning a big success all over the world. In Italy it appeared in the spotlight the past 22nd of December, summing up an amount of 14 million dollars so far, or a bit more.

Oceania recounts the adventure of Vaiana, lively daughter and heir of the tribal leader in the Polynesian island of Motunui. In the story she leaves for a wonderful journey rich of pitfalls on the way through to save his population from the dark evil that is destroying animals and vegetation of her island. At her side, a male character: Maui. He’s a daemon who fell to misfortune for having stolen but then lost the precious green stone that has the power to create life. This enormously valuable stone is in fact the goal to achieve and re-earn to carry through the rescue mission undertaken by the two characters.


What the critique says

The last movie branded Disney, then, is an action-packed story and abundant of hidden meanings, this is probably the real reason why everybody likes it. To be especially praised by the critique are some aspects dealing with Vaiana’s features and behaviour, with also a special attention to the intriguing twist of the story.

First, the female character is present, as well as in many other Disney stories, but this time doesn’t depict the typical princess overcome by problems of the heart. Instead, she’s a young independent woman, deserving selected heir to lead Motuni Island and well-liked by anyone. In addition, as far as the reviews like to underline, the story is not focused on the female emancipation story, because in Vaiana’s world, women already benefit of even opportunities and respect.

Really appreciated is also the quite faithful reference to the original Polynesian culture, as long as the sensibility to ecological issues treated in the film as a bad evil, which will bring the eco-system of the island to destruction, if nothing is done to impede it.

The presence of “evil” in Oceania is a news: there aren’t the classical villains against whom the hero has to fight, as it was habitual. Here the “bad” is represented by the human error and thus the usual negative characters typically present in any Disney’s story are missing.

Oceania and its Vaiana are a 360 degrees success: what else could be expected from a Disney movie, whose synonym is always guarantee?




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