Epic, iconic, brave: the new collections Tribe Vibe and Move

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Tribe launched the new collections of tech products Vibe and Move, two lines of audio and travel accessories with a unique style.

These new lines complement the broad catalogue of Tribe, become notorious thanks to the USB licensed pen drives that the company has been producing since the 2011. Today, thanks to its skill of reinventing itself continuously and to the quality of the products, Maikii and the brand Tribe are great protagonists of the worldwide tech market, boasting a branch in Hong Kong and one in San Francisco, benchmarks respectively for the Asiatic and the US markets.

Thanks to the licenses from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics, Minions and many others, USB keys from Tribe attracted fans from anywhere: the pen drives are not just functional storages to keep in the back of your pocket daily, because they become real collectible gadgets.

Now, with Vibe and Move, one more step forward is made: tech products turn to trendy tools, something to wear to communicate one’s own personality, and to show off in the car, for a travel with the best comfort and style.

Are you curious? There you have a list of the new collections Vibe and Move, with a distinctive flair an elegant styling, inspired on Marvel, Star Wars and Vespa.

Tribe Marvel Collection: BRAVE!

Iron Man and Captain American are the Marvel protagonists of the lines Vibe and Move. Headphones, earphones, 3D USB key, Car Charger and USB cable in the colours of the two most beloved superheroes of ever. To complete the collection, the most important gadgets are included in a unique and exclusive Gift Box: a can’t-miss appliance for any fan.

Tribe Star Wars Collection: EPIC!

The characters from one of the greatest much-loved sagas for ever couldn’t miss: the heroes from Star Wars are also granted by the new collections branded Tribe. How to resist then to the Pop headphones inspired by the colours of BB8? Not to mention the 4000mAh Power Bank, functional and of a unique style, it reminds of the historical droid R2D2 which has always travelled with the Rebel Alliance.

Tribe Vespa Collection: ICONIC!

Coloured, ironic, but mainly iconic: this is the line of audio and travel Tribe products inspired on Vespa, one of the most representative brands of the pop Italian culture. That subtle touch of vintage typifies the earphones, pen drives, power banks and USB cables of this collection.



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