Finding Dory: a movie really for everybody

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Accessibility is a more and more relevant need in everyday life experience, and technology innovations are being developed to allow everybody to live in the best way they can, looking to improve services and activities, even recreational ones.

In the last years, a special attention has been given to people affected by sensory and audiovisual disabilities, and smartphone applications aimed to optimize the multimedia experience of these people have been developed.

How to create a movie really for everybody

Disney Pixar, for the release of the new animated movie Finding Dory, implemented the Disney Movies Anywhere app, a free service which allows to watch movies in any moment, providing additional information and exclusive content

Finding Dory - Disney Movies Anywhere

After years of user research, a technology for blind people has been developed, which will allow them to watch and regularly follow movies at the movie theatre.

This is an important innovation for accessibility in cinema-going: the application, downloadable from iPhones and iPads, synchronizes with the movie audio and, through earphones, users are able to listen to the voice narration of the scenes during the movie, even during ones without dialogue.

The app is momentarily limited to the US market and to iOS devices, but the hope is to soon see it appear in Android stores and outside the US.

Disney Pixar is a very innovative movie house, and only has one goal: to emotion people. With the app Disney Movie Anywhere, Pixar shows again to carefully follow the needs of its customers, while in assonance with the values expressed in movies.


Finding Dory: what the movie is about, and how the movie went in USA

This year’s news is the movie Finding Dory, which was released in movie theatres in USA last June, and immediately hit box office.

Alla Ricerca di Dory

Sequel to Finding Nemo, the new movie focuses on Dory, an amnesiac fish who was Marlin’s companion in the first movie: together with Nemo’s father, they managed to find the little clownfish, while living numerous adventures in the Ocean.

Dory, one year after the first adventure, has confused flashbacks about its childhood time, so that she remembers that she has a family, and wants to go look for them!

With her old friends by her side, the surgeon fish will come across through the oceanic streams until they get to California, where Dory thinks her parents are. Once there, Dory finds herself in the Oceanographic Park, an aquarium and rehabilitation center, where bizarre characters live: Hank, an octopus which has lost a tentacle in the past and now acts grumpy; Bailey, a beluga persuaded that its eco-localization sonar is defective; and Destiny, a shortsighted whale shark which taught the “whalese” language to Dory when she was little.


In the journey looking for her family, Dory discovers that her and other characters’ diversity can become the fundamental driver to overcome her limits and successfully reach her objectives. Something very topical in these days, when the Paralympics are taking place, one of the most important examples when physical disability is not interpreted as an obstacle.

In Italy the movie Finding Dory was released on September 15th, and going to theatres will be a great occasion to watch the short film “Piper”.

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