Game of Thrones: the reasons behind its success

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Now that many people will have appreciated the eighth and last season of Game of Thrones, we thought of compiling a brief analysis of the reasons behind its incalculable success.

Firstly, here are some figures regarding the series: an average of over 23 million viewers (in the US alone), a record number of Emmy Awards for a TV series, broadcast in over 170 countries worldwide, and finally, although this will not please the producers that much, it is apparently the most pirated TV show ever.

So, after having verified that GOT has without any doubt reached an unrivalled success, we can now try to analyse the reasons for this.

A winning set design

When George R.R. Martin wrote the novel on which the series is based, he wanted to create a work that was “as big as his imagination”, but could not imagine that such a complex plot could be filmed.

The marvels of technology, also thanks to the success of the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings, made it possible to achieve what Martin had believed impossible until then: thanks to the writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, in collaboration with Martin himself, the basic idea was created that would then be presented as a TV series to HBO. This was in 2006, and it took 5 years for Game of Thrones to be released in all its glory.


Meticulous attention to detail

The production of a show like Game of Thrones requires painstaking attention: just think that it took actor Emily Clarke, who plays the part of Daenerys Targaryen, 16 days to shoot a scene of 30 seconds in which she flies on the back of one of her dragons.

There are many examples of such attention to detail, however: from the two and a half months of tests and seven prototypes to find just the right hair colour of Daenerys, or the “ad hoc” creation of 250 shields and 200 spears used for the “battle of the bastards” in season six, and finally the preparation of the epic battle between Drogon, Dothraki and the Lannister army that took 6 months of scrupulous work.

A dramatic and controversial plot

While the numerous deaths have fuelled debates and discussions on the web, there are certainly other elements that can be defined, to put it mildly, as “controversial”: we are referring to all those scenes that have upset the sensitivity of some, with (sometimes explicit) sex scenes and violence, but have at the same time catalysed interest in the show.

The day after the airing of the episode in which Sansa Stark is brutally raped by Ramsay Bolton, it became the trending topic on Twitter with a host of controversial debates and discussions.


An army of die-hard fans

The success of Game of Thrones is also linked to the numerous followers of Martin who have followed the transposition on the screen of his novel.

The writer began to build up his community of fans from the bottom: he began by publishing letters in the Fantastic Four albums and exchanging correspondence with the fans. Subsequently, he took part regularly in events based on the topic of fantasy. Lastly, he rocketed to universal success thanks to the novel A Song of Ice and Fire.

The success of Game of Thrones has also entered the world of technology

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