The dream of Game of Thrones continues with House of the Dragon

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House of the Dragon is the title chosen by HBO for the prequel that will continue to illustrate the world of Game of Thrones. Like the famous TV series, it will be based on a book by George R.R. Martin, entitled Fire & Blood.

The announcement was made during an event organised by Warner Media, and left everyone dumbfounded, because it brought to an end the rumours regarding the prequel that was supposed to be entitled Bloodmoon.

House of Dragon takes a leap back 300 years

House of the Dragon precedes the events of Game of Thrones by about 300 years. The story focuses on the Targaryen family, and on the period when dragons ruled Westeros.

The screenplay will be by Ryan Condal, and the director will be Miguel Sapochnik, who already directed a number of episodes of Game of Thrones for which he also won an Emmy. For the moment, release is confirmed for 2022.


A few hypotheses on the plot of House of the Dragon

As already mentioned, the story is based on the George R.R. Martin novel Fire and Blood, so we can imagine that one of the characters in the series will be Aegon the Conqueror, the first to occupy the Iron Throne. The story will show how the Targaryens fought to maintain power until the civil war, also known as the Dance of the Dragons, which almost destroyed the family. This Dance of the Dragons will be one of the events the series will revolve around.


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