I (don’t) want to be Wonder Woman

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Fast, a superhuman strength and an immortal beauty: Wonder Woman and her amazing powers will be among the protagonists of the next DC Comics releases, on June 2017.

Wonder Woman’s creator – a renowned feminist, William Moultom Marston – thought that “the best remedy to valorize women’s quality is to create a female character with the same strength as Superman and the beauty of a good and nice ladyThis could be acceptable seventy years ago, when Wonder Woman character was created, but: what does it mean to be Wonder Woman today? Here’s a recap and some curious facts about one of the most beloved DC Comics characters ever, so we can be prepared for the movie release.

A brief history and the myth of Wonder Woman character


Wonder Woman was created far in 1941 by William Moultom Marston. Her debut on DC Comics Universe was an instant success, mostly because at that time superhero characters were men with muscles. Women were the ones to be saved, not the heroes who saved others. One fine day, a wonder(ful) woman came to the comics, and she had many super-powers: resounding speed, invulnerability, hyper developed senses, the ability of flying, slowed aging and of course superhuman strength and resistance.

Such a woman could only become a myth, even though when she debuted on comic books, in the Fourties, she was opposed by some critics because of her anti-conventional behaviours, too exceeding for a woman of that age. Wonder Woman’s comic books publications were forced to have more proper attitudes. In some cases, the comic cooks were repressed. Only in the Eighties was there an opening towards the original Wonder Woman. And finally she could shine with all her super-powers!

Today’s Wonder Woman

When she debuted, Wonder Woman’s character was a challenge to manly attitudes: the woman was forced to a submission and weakness condition. Wonder Woman represented something exceptional and extraordinary. Wonder Woman was someone women of that age could aspire to become in order to evolve in a men-dominated society. At that time, it was a good idea to bet on the extraordinary woman to achieve gender equality.

But today, there’s someone who turn their nose up on this matter: Wonder Woman is not about the common woman and his femininity. There’s someone complaining that today’s Wonder Woman is the woman that you wish she worked, took care of children, was intelligent, always nice and doing all kind of things. Many think that the woman to be mythologized is Normal Woman, to whom every today’s woman can mirror.

Wonder Woman’s movie coming out on June 2017


Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman will be the fourth film of the DC Extended Universe. Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman is due to be released on June 2nd, 2017. The main character is played by Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress and model, who also played Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

The movie plot tells the story about Diana Prince (Wonder Woman’s true identity), the Amazon Princess who is trained to become a great fighter. Diana grows up at Themyscira – also called Paradise Island – where the Amazons live protected from the outer world, until she meets an American pilot fallen on the island, Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine), who tells her about the terrible War World happening outside of that peaceful oasis. That is when Diana decides to leave Paradise Island and to leave for exploring the real world: she wants to take a part in the conflict and to stop it. Diana will do this under the name of Wonder Woman, who instantly becomes an icone and a humanity heroin. How will the story end up? We will patiently wait until June to watch these adventures at movie theatres.

Despite the different interpretations of the character, Wonder Woman is still a beloved icon, both for women and men, adults and children. If you love her too, you should check out Tribe products with Wonder Woman’s design: the USB flash drive and the power bank.




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