IFA 2016: the major innovations presented in Berlin

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IFA 2016 Berlin

From September 2nd to September 7th IFA 2016 in Berlin took place, one of the most important global exhibitions in technology and consumer electronics industries.

Two weeks ago this magazine tried to anticipate which new tech gadgets could be presented during the Berlin five–day exhibition, and some promises have been kept. Consumer electronic companies and brands, however, did not miss the opportunity to amaze attenders and: many of them presented innovative products, and also curious ones. What’s sure is that IFA 2016 left us with a great certainty: the world and the everyday life are more and more smart.

So here are the eight most innovative tech gadgets and products from IFA 2016, among innovation and fun!

#1 The Samsonite bag that recharges smartphones

Nowadays, users work in mobility and do not know any boundaries, because they live always on with their smartphone. Which could be the best tech gadget to market in this scenario? Obviously, a backpack/bag with wireless incorporated power banks: Samsonite presented two new bagsDiscover EnerQi and Discover Lady Tech – with recharging pockets. It only takes to put the smartphone inside it, and it starts recharging with electromagnetic induction, wireless. New bags will come in mid-2017, and their price will oscillate between €149 and €199.

Samsonite Discover EnerQi IFA 2016

#2 Montblanc presents the pen that digitizes notes

Thanks to tablets and ebook readers, paper and digital surfaces are more and more close to each other. It’s been some years since companies have been experimenting in the creations of solutions able to rapidly digitize paper notes. Montblanc at IFA 2016 came up with an innovative solution: Augmented Paper, a black leather case with a traditional paper notebook inside, will let you – together with a special pencil – transform in PDF the elements written or drawn above the surface. How is this possible? A hid panel in the case creates and electromagnetic field, combined with a resistance inside the pencil that reacts with the field, it is possible to track the pencil location. The kit with the case, the pencil and the notebook has a €650 price, but it has a great benefit for users: it works with every type of paper.

Montblanc Augmented Paper IFA 2016

#3 Screen quality and attention to design: Loewe Bild 7

We promised that at IFA 2016 you could see new ultra-high quality television screens, and Loewe showed everyone that it’s possible to facture them combining a great design, with Loewe Bild 7. With a bordeless screen and an elegant pedestal (but the television can be hung on the wall, as well), Bild 7 has a minimalist design, which exploits the color quality of the Oled 4K HDR screen. What’s more, a rectractable 120W soundbar with 6 speakers and 4 subwoofers emerges when the TV is switched on. A great attention to design pays a price that goes from €4.990 with 55” up until €6.990 with 65”.

Era stato promesso che all’IFA 2016 potesse avvenire la presentazione di schermi Oled in 4K di ultra-qualità: e Loewe ha dimostrato a tutti che è possibile farlo combinando un ottimo design, con il Loewe Bild 7. Con uno schermo senza bordi e un elegante piedistallo (ma si può anche appendere al muro), il Bild 7 ha un design minimalista che esalta la qualità dei colori dello schermo Oled 4K HDR. Inoltre, una soundbar a scomparsa da 120 watt con 6 speaker e 4 subwoofer emerge solo quando si accende il televisione. Grande cura per il design, per un prezzo che parte dai 4.990 euro nella versione da 55 pollici e arriva a 6.990 euro con i 65 pollici.

Loewe Bild 7 IFA 2016

#4 Samsung Gear S3: a smartwatch looking like an actual watch

One year after Gear S2 (and just a few days before Apple presented Apple Watch Series 2), Samsung presented its smartwatch new edition, Gear S3. What immediately looks amazing is the steel watch case design, which makes Gear S3 look like an actual watch. Moreover, the smartwatch is also compatible with 22mm watchstraps, and accessories go far beyond plastic ones. The rotating inner ring will let you access other applications and notifications in a more immediate way. The smartwatch, in Frontier and Classic versions, will be launched within Christmas 2016, even though Samsung has not given any more details, even on prices.

Samsung Gear S3 IFA 2016

#5 Lenovo reinterprets the ultra-portable PC concept

Lenovo Yoga Book is a unique ultrabook of its kind, because it substitutes the keyboard with a second display. It took 3 years to develop an ultra-light and ultra-thin tablet, and it’s a breakthrough in the market. The second display is not only a virtual keyboard, but also a professional drawing tablet or a notebook which, if used with a special pencil, automatically transforms analogic signs into digital copies. The Yoga Book price is €499 with Android 6.0, and €599 with Windows 10 Pro.

Lenovo Yoga Book IFA 2016

#6 The definitive step of Home Automation, coming into our homes

Smart Home is finally a reality: there are no futuristic ideas, but real innovations which became marketed products. Especially, Samsung presented Family Hub, an intelligent fridge with integrated WiFi and a touchscreen 21” display, which will allow to manage food stocks. Users will be alerted if a particular product is over when out for groceries, thanks to an internal cameras system and the smartphone connection. However, this is not the only smart fridge function: you will also be able to keep your family connected, leave notes or reminders and listen to music.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator IFA 2016

#7 Towards Internet of Things and smart cities with the smart neighborhood

IFA 2016 was not only about tech gadgets and home automation: “smart” goes beyond wearables and every day accessories. That is why Panasonic presented its smart neighborhood, which will take place in Adlershof, in the heart of Berlin. “Smart City Berlin” is the name of this advanced technology urban project, which provides the construction within 2020 of 69 apartments featured with the most recent Internet of Things technologies. Smart City Berlin will not have only smart home appliances, but the urban fabric will have LED illuminations and connected sensors.

Panasonic Smart City Berlin Adlershof IFA 2016

#8 New Tribe products: Tribe Vibe and Tribe Move I nuovi prodotti di Tribe: Tribe Vibe e Tribe Move

This list could not end but with Tribe: the Maikii retail brand was at IFA 2016 with a stand to present its new Audio and Travel products! With new lines Tribe Vibe and Tribe Move, Tribe has the purpose di bring fun into every-day technology gadgets, like earphones, headphones, USB cables, car chargers, power banks and smartphone cases, reinterpreting them with Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics and Vespa licenses. Here is a picture from the Tribe Stand at IFA 2016, so you can start taste (at least visually) the new products by Tribe!

Tribe Stand IFA 2016

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