IFA: all the news from the most important technology fair in Europe

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IFA stands for Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin: this name is well-known because it is the most important technology and electronics fair in Europe.  In addition to this, IFA is one of the longest-standing exhibitions in the industry: the first was organised in 1924.

But let’s come back to present day: the IFA 2019 edition concluded a couple of weeks ago and the month of October is traditionally the period in which people reflect on the most important technological advances. Let’s take a look together at what these are!

Faster and more eco-friendly washing machines and cleaning products

The modernisation of electrical appliances will soon have a significant impact on our daily lives at home. The washing machine is becoming truly intelligent thanks to the use of big data: LG is capable of identifying the fabric of the clothes it will wash and the weight of the load – that’s over 20,000 combinations.

The traditional electric mop is getting a revamp and is becoming an unbeatable tool for cleaning, thanks to the combination of three functions:  a steam jet, a portable vacuum and a cyclone vacuum, all powered by steam, which was named the most efficient and eco-sustainable means for cleaning during the IFA. This product is a 100% Italian innovation: the Vaporetto 3 Clean by Polti.


Novità IFA

The most absurd tech gadgets for the ultimate “smart” house

We’ve covered super-technological washing machines and cleaners; now we’ll take a peek at the most extravagant changes. Once again, we’re focusing on home appliances. Some examples?

Qoobo’s cat cushions: soft, furry cushions which feature a tail and purr. This accessory is useful for countering stress, because stroking a pet – in this case a robot version of one – helps to relax.

robot gatto

Equally as peculiar also thanks to its design which is reminiscent of a chemistry lab, is the Bariseur Coffee Alarm Clock, which will have everyone starting their day off on the right foot. How? By waking you up with the smell of coffee. This is not an illusion! This tech gadget will have coffee (or tea, if you prefer) ready for you as soon as you wake up.

Another important invention that design and home decor enthusiasts will enjoy is the see-through TV. That’s right: among the huge and super-technological TVs presented this year, there’s the new concept by Panasonic: a fully-transparent oled TV. Designed in collaboration with Vitra, this product is a TV which blends in with the house decor as best as possible. So when the TV is turned off, it looks like an actual wooden frame, and the screen is see-through. At this moment in time, this invention is just a prototype, but maybe in the future TVs will become an integral part of the decor, even when switched off!

 Tribe also took part in the IFA

We also went to IFA with our new products! Our technology is friendly and fun, made of accessories which are useful to everyday life as they add functionality and a touch of personality. These, for example, are the Star Wars products, some of which are dedicated to the next Star War 9 saga, coming out in December. We also presented our new collection with Mr. Wonderful, the brand which inspires optimism and good vibes. Here is the entire collection!



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