Justice League: in cinemas from November

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As we’ve already mentioned here, 16 November 2017 (for Italian audiences) will be the day when the fifth and latest work by DC Extended Universe hits cinema screens: Justice League.

This will be the first film to bring the Justice League of America (the group of super-heroes created by ndr DC Comics) ‘in the flesh’ to Italy’s cinemas. In fact, until now they’ve only been seen in a couple of animations.

Shooting and problems with production


Producers have problems with production right from early on, due to a change in the director’s chair. Unfortunately, the director Zack Snyder (who’d already directed several DC Extended Universe movies, including ndr Man of Steel) had to pull out of shooting due to a terrible family bereavement. Joss Whedon took over, known by most for his direction of the first two Avengers movies.

Interviewed recently by Wired magazine Snyder said he hadn’t returned to the set of Justice League because, in the light of his very long absence he’d felt it wouldn’t have been right in lots of ways, and that anyway he’d had every faith in his successor.

New leaks about the film’s plot

wonder woman

Meanwhile, there have been several leaks about the film’s plot. Reliable sources say there may be some clear references to the Wonder Woman feature film that was released last summer (that we covered here). The leak refers to the return of the Amazon Princess to Paradise Island, Themyshira, alias the beautiful landscapes of Campania and Puglia.

And, indeed, it’s the super heroine who’s going to turn out to be the real star of the film, the one best able to suss out the enemy. In an interview with US Weekly, Gal Gadot, who played Wonder Woman, explained that her character is now a mature woman and, so, thanks to her new grown-up take on things, she can quickly see what the enemy is up to and take him on more successfully than her companions.

Unlike Marvel’s films, DC Comics don’t usually show any extra scenes at the end, the so-called ‘post-credits’. But, according to those in the know, Justice League might not only have one, but two extra sequences. Who’s going to be the focus of these scenes is still unknown, however, according to some, there may be some tasters from the next DC Extended Universe film, to be solely about Aquaman (due for release on 21 December 2018).

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