Justice League: the team of superheroes debuts in theatres

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The 17th of November 2017 the Justice League will debut on the big screen, with the action-live movie equally named. The team of superheroes formed by Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aqua man and Cyborg, born in the notes of DC Comics, will make its return.

The story of Justice League

The Justice League, making its return on the 5th film of DC Extended Universe, was created in 1960 by the screenwriter Gardner Fox and Julius Schwartz, in an era when the superheroes stories were finding a big success after a period of down. The idea was in fact to reintroduce the old team Justice Society of America – which before only included the least known superheroes, to whom entire stories were not dedicated – with the access of some of the famous characters from DC Universe. The founders of the group were indeed Batman, Superman, even though their apparitions were occasional; others characters instead, became from the start famous protagonists: Flash and Wonder Woman.

Next to this transformation, even the name: the term Society was replaced by League, word that reminds in USA as the most followed sport leagues: football and baseball. Initially the stories of the Justice League were being published on the historical series The Brave and The Bold: a typical tradition at home DC, when something new was proposed and needed to be tested directly on the public to read its reaction. After only four releases, a new series was unexpectedly dedicated entirely to the new team of heroes: Justice League of America, which will keep going for 261 chapters, between 1960 and 1987.


The movie coming out in November

Yet the date of the release in Italian screens is not known, but the details leaked when the filming started (in April of last year) are numerous. Directed by Zack Snyder – the same director of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Ironman (2013) – the film and its production were stuck several times, until the 2014, when finally the official release was announced. Delays on the coming out of the film – desired by Warner Bros as a result of the success of The Avengers – must be addressed, on one hand, to the rejection of the first screenplay produced by Wil Beall and on the other to the choice of distributing the task of direction to more filmmakers simultaneously.

Who will interpret the superheroes of the Justice League? There will be Ben Affleck to play Batman, Henry Cavill in Superman’s dress, Gal Gadot as Diana Price and her alter-ego Wonder Woman, and then Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller, respectively in the shoes of Cyborg, Aqua man and Flash. Which mission will have they to carry out by them in this story?


The plot of Justice League

The adventures begin from the moment right after the death of Super Man – occurred at the end of the movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice -, when Batman reflects on Superman’s selfless act which took Clark Kent to death and thus he decides to draw a lesson to re-evaluate himself. He decides then to take action to defend Earth Planet from a terrible attack, so he teams up the Justice League, indeed. Batman involves from the beginning of the mission Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, with whom he undertakes the research of Victor Stone/Cyborg, of the super-fast Barry Allen/Flash and of the Atlantis king Arthur Curry, namely Aqua man. The fearsome enemy they will have to fight is Steppenwolf, uncle of the notorious Darkseid, who entrusted him to complete a mission in the Earth.

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