What is safer: USB flash drives or cloud storage?

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Archiviazione dati: meglio chiavette USB o Cloud?

Not only workers, but nowadays everybody has the need to bring everywhere their files, documents and softwares, without having to carry their own devices. Data is becoming big data and it’s growing day by day, and in the meantime also the extension of the storage systems is growing. But in terms of security, what’s the best choice?

Among data storage external devices, USB pen drives are surely handier than external hard disks. Thanks to their reduced dimensions, USB pen drives are practical for transportation and have a high storage capacity. Differently from SD cards, which often have compatibility issues, USB pen drives work with every personal computer and laptop.

The most important risks for USB flash drives security are of mechanical nature: accidental hits damages, unsecure hardware removal and – because of their dimension – they can easily be lost.

If you look to use a USB flash drive for your personal documents and files, a shrewdness we can advice is to provide your pen drive of a security software based on data criptation, in order to safely protect your documents.

Cloud storages, on the other hand, are online services that allow you to save on the cloud up to 500 GB, if not more. In this case, you will have access to your personal files everywhere, from every device which is connected to the internet. But if you need to save a lot of data, cloud storage tend to be very pricy.

Data cloud storage brings the risk that you can lose saved information, because it’s only saved online. This happens because the only way you protect your data with is a password: whatever safe you think it is, that’s not enough to have protection from a hacker attack, who can easily spread your personal information, sabotage important files, or provoke any kind of damage.

A solution for your cloud data storage protection is to use the 2FA system (two factor authentication), with which you can provide your account with a second secret key, in order to restrict unknown access attempts. There are many ways to set 2FA: one of these is to associate your cloud account with a personal device (ie your smartphone). First, you have to register your number in order to authenticate it, then – after your device is connected – wait for the message with a temporary password, which you will have to use to confirm the authorization. After, you can access with your account. In any case, there are many apps in the market among which you can choose the ideal solution.

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You may have understood that cloud technology has many benefits, but USB flash drives maintain the first position in personal data management, for two main reasons:

  • USB flash drives are more reliable than online cloud services
  • USB flash drives don’t need too many precautions to safely protect the content of your storage.

The only limit is the archiviation space at your disposal. But you can distribute files between more than one pen drive: beyond the organizational benefit because it allows you to divide documents by categories, in this way USB pen drives can become collectibles.

Tribe is the example to meet this need, meeting the ludic and aesthetic looks as well: Tribe collections allow you a wide range of choice of personalized pen drives: from DC Comics – like Batman and Superman – and Marvel superheroes – like Iron Man and Captain America, to Disney and Disney Pixar movies, and cartoons like The Simpsons.

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