Some curious facts and sneak previews about Spider-Man: Far From Home

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After Avengers: Endgame which managed to attract plenty of attention from fans and aficionados, a number of dynamics have changed within the world of Marvel.

Therefore, the evolution of the Spider-Man plot is linked to the ending of the Infinity Saga, and what’s more, the new episode of Spider-Man will have the task of being the concluding end of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Below are some rumours and hypotheses about what we could expect from Spider-Man: Far From Home, due to be released in cinemas on 10th July.

Finishing what Tony Stark started

The Peter Parker played in 2017 by Tom Holland was an inexperienced Spider-Man who didn’t yet know how to control his powers properly nor how to face the consequences of some of his reckless actions.

It is only thanks to Tony Stark’s providential intervention as his mentor that Peter embarked upon a growth process which we can only suppose will be completed in Spider-Man: Far From Home.


New costumes for Peter Parker

After Nick Fury picks up Peter Parker on holiday in Europe and urges him to join up, he will also provide him with new costumes.

One in particular appears to be decidedly different from those shown in Marvel Comics, and would seem more similar to the one worn by the Black Widow. The director Jon Watts seems to be of the same opinion: It looks like the Black Widow’s costume. Perhaps it’s one of her costumes, and they’ve just adapted it

A new ally for Spider-Man

The former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. again plays an important role in introducing Spider-Man to a new, unexpected ally. His name is Mysterio (or also Quentin Beck) and is said to be a cunning illusionist, a member of the Sinister Six, and arch enemy of Spider-Man. However, in the film, they form an alliance to fight a common enemy who has not yet been well identified.


Spider-Man starring in a spy movie?

In some ways, one could consider Spider-Man: Far From Home almost as being a spy movie: indeed, there’s the classic secret mission, the lead character wears a black costume to hide and blend in, and it even includes the classic trans-oceanic trip.

Experts in the field seem to have appreciated this pairing, so much so that Jon Watts even “risked” comparing it to another famous spy movie: “We filmed many scenes that seemed to come straight out of The Bourne Identity or some other action movie set in Europe”

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