Spring is coming: the gadgets of our day trips

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The spring has officially started: temperatures get continuously warmer, light hours over the day are increasing, and with them also the wish to spend more time in the open air. It is the right moment to start again to organize excursions (more or less adventurous) during the weekend, some quiet and chill picnics in the middle of the nature, but also just long walks throughout the city.

During these days spent outside, for duty or for fun, technology keeps staying with us. Tribe designed the lines Vibe and Move, perfect for travelling and for outdoor explorations. Here are the tech gadgets to keep on hand during this spring.


Emergency Charge: Power Banks

During these days dedicated to relax and open air trips, it will not be possible to shake off the smartphones. Those who cannot do without capturing any landscape and share it in the socials, those who use their smartphones as well as a camera, those who can’t forget their job even for one day. Anyone can face the inconvenient situation of dead battery.

Technology, fortunately, is on our side: even outdoor, in the mountains, at the beach or during a nice bike ride, the smartphone can be charged without problems! How? With the 2600 mAh and 4000 mAh power banks by Tribe! They let anyone have an energy charge ready to use at any time. Style-wise, simply choose! The design is inspired on the characters and the unmistakable touch of Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Vespa.

Mission Protect Smartphone: the covers


When one takes steps to venture in an outdoor exploration, the protection of the smartphone is also essential. A fall on the gravel in a mountain pathway, same as the sand at the beach, could be fatal. A semi-rigid plastic cover is what it needs to keep it on the safe side, without extra weight. The ones by Tribe are a tribute to the cult characters from movies and comics: for those who love the superheroes, there are the ones dedicated to Captain America and Iron Man, and for all the fans of Star Wars there are Stormtroopers covers, droids R2-D2, BB-8 and Darth Vader.





Calls and music no-stress: headphones and earbuds

Cable-Vespa-Acquamarina-vistaKeeping the contact with friends is important when travelling, as well as sharing with them a nice moment. Of course, it is also important to do it safe. This is why a pair of earbuds are the gadget to keep always on hand when one moves around: for quiet calls even when moving and doing other things simultaneously, to listen to music during a walk or a bike ride. The ones produced by Tribe are equipped by anti-tangle cable, volume regulator and silicon bearings: for the best comfort at any listening. In addition, they are really trendy gadgets: coloured and elegant styled, inspired on the most famous Marvel, DC and Star Wars characters. Choose the most compatible with you.


For those who can’t help themselves without their music when observing a nice landscape, the gadget they can’t miss are some good quality headphones. Comfortable and recognisable, Pop earphones by Tribe march together through the days of the avid listeners. Even these are a homage to characters and brands of the pop culture: find them all out in the website of Tribe!











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