Star Wars Day 2017, a success!

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Star Wars Day

This May the 4th, Star Wars Day was a real success. During this day the world celebrated the cult saga created by director George Lucas.

Why was this day chosen? For a simple reason: a play on words between two phrases. In fact, the famous Jedi motto spoken by Han Solo “May the Force be with you”, in this occasion becomes “May the Fourth be with you”.

Star Wars Day Logo

Star Wars Day around the world

On a global level there have been diverse events celebrating this occasion, such as parades, or movie marathons. Even famous tv series characters, such as Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory, decided to pay homage to the much-loved saga, dedicating many of their Instagram posts it.

The most important event, however, happened in Orlando, Florida. The movie saga is celebrated annually with a touring event called Star Wars Celebration, and this year the organization had a turn in Orange County’s capitol. More than 70 thousand people, from all over the world, had the opportunity to celebrate their heroes.

This year was even more special, because it was the 40 year anniversary since the first screening, in the cinema halls of the United States, of the chapter entitled A New Hope.

Panel SWC Orlando_Star Wars Day 2017

Fans had the opportunity to participate in several panels with the protagonists – the faces that made the Star Wars saga a worldwide phenomenon. The days were spent telling anecdotes, honouring the memory of the unforgettable Carrie Fisher, and with a screening of the trailer of the eighth episode – Star Wars: The Last Jedi whose release is scheduled for next December 15th.

Celebrations in Italy


There have even been events in Italy to celebrate one of the most beloved sagas of all time. The city of Milan organized the Star Wars – May 4th with you event at the WOW Comic Space.

During this day, all the fans in Milan could enjoy a real Star Wars Experience. An exhibition took place featuring faithful reproductions of the costumes used on the set, and more. Thanks to the participation of many cosplayers, the Star Wars themed parade was held within the WOW Comic Space park.

Celebrations with real expert gadgets and accessories

Star Wars Day is also a perfect opportunity for all enthusiasts to buy the best of themed items available on the market.

Gift Box_star wars

You can find your favourite characters in the form of USB sticks, Headphones or Powerbanks thanks to Tribe products. In the list of the most prominent collectible characters are the soldiers of the Star Wars Galactic Empire – the legendary Storm Troopers, and the little BB8 droid who made his debut in Episode VII of the saga and has since become a collectors’ item.

All these Star Wars themed products are also present in the Gift Box. A set of stylish, captivating accessories, including: a Micro USB cable, earphones, headphones, a car charger and a 16-gig USB stick. So, the force may be with you always.



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